Karen knew that the secrets to life could be found every year at the Home Show


Seriously burnt out. But still energized to entertain and inform. So here are four random-ish photos from my massively out-of-control photo file. Which is still in better shape than my massively-out-of-control gmail account, where scores of your emails and photo submissions scream for my attention. Above: I’m a multimedia collage artist now, too, didja know.  tee hee.  Made this for my friend, home show manager extraordinaire Karen. Kinda crooked. And smudged. But the gold metallic poodles make up for it, don’t you think.




Brini Maxwell’s Ingrid bathroom towels are on sale, $32.50 for the threesome. They are so CUTE! Shop here. P.S. I went to nose around and saw a margarita on Brini’s site. I’m going to have one THE MOMENT I finish this!


  1. sumac sue says:

    The lady in the last photo is smiling. She has decorated her home with vines, and it looks like she is getting ready to air out some blankets. We can follow her example and be thankful for our homes and take good care of them. Home sweet home!

  2. Eucritta says:

    I had some experience (when it was new) with a similar all-in-one — same era, much the same in appearance but in avocado with a slightly sloped dish-drainer alongside the sink. Tip: wait for the stovetop to cool down all the way before you wash the dishes!

  3. Happy Daze says:

    1- That kitchen is amazing. It would be great in a garage apartment or small office space.

    2- Regarding the last photo, we are so quick to forget how much the American standard of living increased from the 1920s to the 1950s. While many people would consider my grandmother’s 1951 ranch to be a pretty plain house, it’s quite luxurious to the small 3-room house she grew up in. She must have been quite proud to own a house with a bathroom and a real kitchen.

  4. St. Christopher says:

    When I first looked at the Orange and Brown kitchenette I thought that where they had removed the tile on the left was actually a glass block wall made of glass blocks the same shape and size as the tile. How cool would that be?!?!

    1. pam kueber says:

      Chris, I think that would be a very cool idea indeed, maybe with the glass blocks scribed in kind of randomly. some therapy for a carpenter or DIY-er though! But definitely very very cool….hmmmm….

  5. Elizabeth Mary says:

    My first apartment in NYC in the 60’s had a kitchen like that all-in-one. And, it had doors that closed it off and on the door was a drop down cutting board. That was the extent of the work surface. But, I gave dinner parties out of that kitchen, including a birthday dinner of 5 different Chinese dishes as requested by my sister. That was the last time I cooked Chinese. It was exhausting, but tasty and a big hit. I think of that kitchen often and wonder how I managed.

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