Where to buy a wall mount kitchen faucet: The Delta 200


HERE’S ANOTHER WALL MOUNT KITCHEN FAUCET for our retro recommendation list. The Delta 200 Classic Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet. Isn’t it wonderful looking? Such a quirky blast from the past.  Update: Discontinued, according to numerous readers who have left comments.

Tip: Check our research on wall-mount faucets for a potential replacement — hey, would a wall-mount Dishmaster M76 be a good retrofit?

Another reader suggested parts from here might work.

  1. Adria Frizzi says:

    I, too, need a delta 200 to replace my old corroded one and can’t find them anywhere. does anyone know if delta’s current wallmount models have a similar assembly and could be cannibalized?

  2. andrew christensen says:

    Check for peerless model 8300. I replaced mine with one about 15 yrs. ago, but now the copper tubing is leaking. May need to replace again.

  3. Cynthia says:

    In need of the Delta 200 wall mount faucet…if anybody knows where I can find one please let me know…Ty and Merry Christmas !

  4. vikki says:

    I have one for sale if anyone is interested – renovation my kitchen. Its been in here since the 50’s. I put it on Craigslist Los angeles. Works great

  5. Natasha says:

    Looking for a delta 200 wall mounted kitchen faucet – please contact me via email if you have one. Thank you.

  6. Pam Kueber says:

    Closing the comments on this thread as they are becoming redundant.

    Suggestion: Contact Delta customer service for info including on possible replacement parts.

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