anchor hocking vintage style glasswareWe all love our vintage glassware, I know that. But for everyday family use, especially tall drinking glasses, I use glassware that is less precious. Next time around, I think I am goint to buy this Anchor Hocking “Central Park” glassware in this ivy color – almost an avocado. It has a nice retro feel, and Anchor Hocking is pretty affordable, as I recall. Link here.

  1. carrie says:


    How funny that you featured these glasses. I have the exact same ones and they work very well. Especially love how they go with vintage decor but not expensive. Keep up the good work.

  2. sumac sue says:

    Anchor Hocking is headquartered in Lancaster OH, a little town with a great historic district, southeast of Columbus. My family lived in this town for a year when I was around 10. Lancaster, at the time we lived there around 1965, was known for producing Anchor Hocking glassware and for producing Bugles, a snackfood made by General Mills. A quick and not thorough search indicates that Bugles might not be made in Lancaster anymore, but instead at a plant in Canada. But Anchor Hocking is still in Lancaster, and they make other products with a retro feel, such as bakeware. Here’s a link to their great glass pie plate with a fluted edge:

  3. sablemable says:

    I have some glassware either Anchor-Hocking or Libbey that is “bubbled” and looks very retro. They were also very inexpensive.

    Thanks for the history and link, Sue! I love hearing these little tidbits!

  4. Tut says:

    We just got these juice glasses from Ikea that reminded me of something somebody’s grandma would’ve bought in the early ’60s. The slight blue tint is what grabbed my eye. They’re also available untinted.

  5. Catherine says:

    We have the Working Glasses in 2 sizes from Crate & Barrel. They have a retro design and are built to last.

  6. Diana says:

    We got the Canton style of Anchor Hocking drinkware a few years ago for our older kitchen (40s style). We adore this drinkware! It is very durable and while our kitchen in our current house is 60s style, we think the Canton compliments the 60s style nicely and really goes well with our fiesta ware.
    I also like the idea that the drinkware is manufactured in the US not far from Pittsburgh (where we live).

  7. Jenn says:

    I have these, I bought them at walmart last year, and though they work, I have been fairly disappointed in them. They have a seam in the glass and the construction of them isn’t the best. When i replace them it will be with Libby glass wear, they are made better.

  8. joyce's jane says:

    a note about vintage vs retro look glasses as far as everyday use goes, The advantage is that a retro look glass is fabricated from components in the glass and decoration that will withstand going in the dishwasher. I have some recently made retro look juice size glasses that we use every day and have a similar look and feel to my prize collection of vintage juice glasses. however, one old glass was a favorite of my husbands and he put it through the dishwasher maybe 3 times before I noticed that cloudy look to the surface of the glass. The chemicals in todays dishwasher soaps were not around when these pieces were being made. Its perfectly ok to use your vintage pieces, they are especially nice for cocktails or special occasions, but HAND wash them, please….

  9. S. Madison says:

    Can anyone help me with this_ I recently bought a set of 4 black and gold vintage glasses. They are very unique in that they have rabbits feet, horseshoes, four leaf clover and wishbones on them. They are in great condition and have “McKay” on them. I love them and would just like to know a little more about them.

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