Vintage Vera Neumann table linens – reproduced today

vintage-vera-neumann-tableclothUpdate Summer 2010: Discontinued, we think??? Except for the black-and-white Imprints, which is on closeout sale as I type this. Thanks to reader Adam who wrote to let me know that vintage Vera Neumann designs were “rediscovered” a few years ago, and that some of her original designs are now available again at places like Macy’s. Right now, Macy’s has three table linen lines available on their website. At the left: Turning Leaf. Maybe it’s time to think ahead to a Merry Retro – Thanksgiving. Two more styles — both on sale as I write this — after the jump.

vintage-vera-neumann-imprints-table-linensThis design — Imprints — will work for those of you with a graphic, modern interior.


And this design — Poinsettia — well, I think I’m going to be getting this for my own Christmas table. Who can resist! Now, Macy’s: We want bed linens and kitchen towels and curtains, please!

  1. Wendy says:

    Every year I indulge in one (or more…) new holiday accessories. I think I know what this year’s addition will be. Now to choose one (or more…)!

  2. Erin in Ohio says:

    Is it a coincidence that these should be available the same year that it’s my turn to host our family Christmas? I think not. Macy’s, here I come! Thanks for sharing.

  3. pam kueber says:

    Update: I’m all over that Poinsettia pattern, too. Noticed the Macy’s sale is already over (haha, a real one-day sales) so went over to Amazon, where prices remain better. I’ve added the Amazon link to the main post.

  4. denise says:

    Although I prefer not to buy new (I’m allergic to the feel and smell :–] ) vintage is better but even a used new one is good (I like things with history,) ….I do like the black and white graphic one.

  5. Susan says:

    There ia a Vera company site too, http://www.theveracompany.com/ , I had no idea that Vera designs were being produced again as I never go to the mall! I guess there is clothing & other stuff too. I almost died when I saw the picture of Vera on the company site. I saw the exact same brooch Vera is wearing at the Salvation Army last week & didn’t get it!! I could have had the same brooch as Vera, its gone now of course.

  6. Angela says:

    Just bumping this page back up toto say the fall Vera table sets are currently on clearance at Tuesday Morning for very low prices.

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