Bed rest pillow … or a pillow for reading in bed

bed-rest-pillowI went on a quick online hunt for that kind of pillow your granny always had, the kind that lets you sit up — all comfy, though — in bed. I didn’t find a lot of choices — and a number of them were way-over-engineered, if you ask me. But, I really like this down bed rest pillow from The Company Store. And, it’s available in 12 colors. On the cheap? Look for this simple tan number at Target.

  1. lady brett says:

    hmm, “bed rest pillow”; that makes sense. they were always “study pillows” to me – fairly ubiquitous in college. i find them terribly uncomfortable, but then, i only like the minimum (and squishiest) of pillow on my bed. mind that if you share a bed they take up about twice the room that a person takes up without the pillow. not that i mind or anything 😉

  2. Eucritta says:

    My mother-in-law refers to these as ‘husbands.’ She asked for one some years ago, and I think our eyes must’ve visibly bulged.

    I saw one in passing not long ago, on Amazon I think, that was covered in hot pink faux fur.

  3. Virginia says:

    I have heard them called “boyfriend pillows”, so that’s a twist.

    Love them functionally, but don’t really love how they look so I pass.

  4. Rebecca Prichard says:

    I thought they were bolsters! Bed, Bath, and Beyond sells them for 20 dollars. One of mine is corduroy. 🙂 We can’t read in bed without them!

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