PG-13 Warning: This video is racy compared to what I normally post. That’s me, all lollipops and unicorns and rainbows and :). But… a satirical comedy sketch about avocado bathrooms… as typically portrayed on TV home-buyer shows? I had to.

How could you sleep a wink knowing that somewhere in your house mute ceramic witness was being paid to your total inability to bow to the prevailing taste consensus?

hahahahahaha. Snaps to Damian, who must be from the U.K. because he knows who Mitchell and Webb are. Here’s their un-site, which indicates where you can read more about them. Thank you, Damian.

  1. Boyd Leake says:

    I’m sorry, avacado bathrooms were always pretty u*** [edited]. As my mother used to say, “Just because they used to do it, doesn’t mean it was in good taste”.

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