PG-13 Warning: This video is racy compared to what I normally post. That’s me, all lollipops and unicorns and rainbows and :). But… a satirical comedy sketch about avocado bathrooms… as typically portrayed on TV home-buyer shows? I had to.

How could you sleep a wink knowing that somewhere in your house mute ceramic witness was being paid to your total inability to bow to the prevailing taste consensus?

hahahahahaha. Snaps to Damian, who must be from the U.K. because he knows who Mitchell and Webb are. Here’s their un-site, which indicates where you can read more about them. Thank you, Damian.

  1. MissTrixi says:

    I might have to share this in my Retro-Renovation album on FB. I have a friend in real estate who, a year ago, responded to our ‘fill our house with color’ retro-renovation with a scoffing ‘I hope you don’t plan to sell your house anytime soon’. Now, a year later, we have made him into a believer of ‘think pink’ baths and Harvest Gold/Avocado kitchenettes.
    This clip is so very funny! Avocado bath? You BET I say yes!

  2. Ann-Marie Meyers says:

    I was watching the Food Channel today with some friends, and I wondered aloud if all the silly chef challenge type shows were having an adverse affect on how we approach food and cooking in our society, making meals more about the strangeness and variety of ingredients that aren’t even really harmonious.
    Do you think the same thing is happening on networks like HGTV? I don’t really watch them all that much, because nothing they do has ever really been to my taste. I was doing the mid century thing twenty years ago, simply because my husband and I were comfortable in that era of home, and they were affordable where we lived.
    I was so used to being thought of as weird, and there was never anything on a home design show that worked with my house anyway.
    I had a couple of friends who lived in the same period of house, and they felt the same way.
    It is so much nicer now to have other people with us, but now that it is getting trendy, I want to grab all the “Mad Men” fans and knock them clear into the next fad so they will leave us alone again.
    Anyway, I am glad Retro Renovation is here, because this is where the real, solid mid century people hang out.
    I am rambling, as I tend to do. Sorry.

  3. Dale says:

    I just painted a 50s ranch house for a man who bought it as an investment property. He had his son living there about 5 years ago and the first thing his son did was rip out the pink wall hung sink and pink tiles in the shower surround. He also pulled out the sliding glass door and put in one of those awful plastic panel kits and a plane shower rod. The sink cabinet he installed was made of MDF and was delaminating and the inside was covered with mold. They also had the tub sprayed and it was chipped and peeling. Luckily no one touched the turquoise kitchen counter and copper toned range hood. Why can’t people live with what’s there if it’s in good shape and just have fun with it?

  4. Gail says:

    I laughed out loud when I watched this video! It’s early and I just tuned in to HGTV and Spice up my Kitchen is on. I had to switch to the news because they are going to RIP out the pink counters, pink stove and pink fridge! I just can’t take it! I too start yelling at the TV. Does NO one have any individuality? (besides all of us, of course) why-o-why would I want to be exactly like everyone else? And why is it that people think it is OK to make fun of your taste right to your face like you have no feelings? Yeah, I get a little worked up about it! We are purchasing a 1952 brick home with some original stuff. It was really hard finding original features and also convincing my realtor that I didn’t want any updates.

  5. Boyd Leake says:

    I’m sorry, avacado bathrooms were always pretty u*** [edited]. As my mother used to say, “Just because they used to do it, doesn’t mean it was in good taste”.

  6. NetWeasel says:

    “Real estate zombies….” — perfect!

    It ties in with my latest quote — “I’ve started to watch HGTV the way other people watch horror movies.”

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