Retro is rockin’ — even in Korea, where consumers can now buy this LG Classic TV in orange or woodtone for the equivalent of US$215. Snaps to readers Jane and Alisa, who both sent in this tip hours apart yesterday. Oh my. Love, of course. Here’s more info that Jane picked up on the radio and her web research:

I heard about this new retro 1960s television from LG on NPR this morning. Since I’m a huge fan of mid-century gadgets and decor, this  sounded like it would be right up my alley. I looked it up as soon as I got to work and am now in love.  So far is only sold in South Korea. You can bet, though, that when it comes to the U.S., I will be purchasing one!

It is called the Retro Classic TV and it’s a 14 inch CRT. It looks like it’s straight out of the 1960s and even allows the viewer the option of watching television in black and white or sepia instead of color!  The screen is fairly small and the television is not so compact, but I think it would be perfect for any vintage home.  It also has a remote and is compatible with a cable box or dvd player. Apparently, though, the rabbit ears are designed for the Korean broadcast system and wouldn’t work in the U.S.  Hopefully, they’ll modify it and send some over!

You can read more technical details about the LG Classic TV at PC World. And, you can get more photos of this retro style television at this Korean shopping site. Keep the tips and finds coming, readers — this is fun.

Meanwhile, know that you CAN get reproduction Predicta tv’s for sale in the U.S. They are costly, though — so much so, that they don’t even seem to list the prices on the website. Or at least, I can’t find them….

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  1. Annie B. says:

    I, too, heard the NPR story yesterday and was thrilled by the news!
    This is a real rocket shot in the retro revolution. Absolutely must have one in orange. Love the black and white option. Could we be on our way to rediscovering the value of simpilicity as more than just a fascinating aesthetic of the past? Beats me; just terrifically cheered to see the retro wave rolling onward.

  2. Shane says:

    Cool, but I’d rather have a reproduction of those TV boxes with the swivel tube on top, all with modern guts and RCA outputs for surround sound systems! That would be killer! Maybe this will start some creativity….

  3. Dix says:

    You would think, with the flat-screen technology we have now, that TV’s could be made in almost any retro shape, since most of the “look” would be relatively superficial (the TV cabinet only).

  4. nina462 says:

    I’m tempted to purchase a retro tv console and put in my own tv (with the modern stuff – dvd etc). Has anyone else done this? I’d had to take out the old tv-but you can’t get anything without the technology. hmmm

  5. nina462 says:

    Pam, that’d be great if you can revive those instructions….I have my eye on a lovely tv console for sale at a local antique store & would love to know how before I make a purchase.

  6. WP says:

    Nina – I too have had this same idea.

    Pam – Yes. Please post those instructions whenever you have a chance. I would be so grateful.

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