I rarely feature products from Ikea, mostly because I do not live near one but also because so many other blogs seem to spotlight their stuff a lot. However, these two kitchen sinks recently came onto my radar. I will add them to the Product Guide for renovators to consider for their kitchen updates, and hunt and peck their site more diligently for appropriate and affordable choices for mid-century homes.

The white sink, the Domsjo, echoes the look of mid-century double-bowl sinks, and it’s nice and big. A key difference from the Kohler Bakersfield, which remains my top choice, is that the Ikea model has no hudee ring, only one hole and is a bit more modern in that ridged deck toward the back.  But it is most certainly modern and nice and big like the oldies.

Remember: You can get this Dishmaster in a WALL-MOUNT configuration, too.

The Boholmen steel sinks are pretty cool indeed – and the price is terrific. This particular model is $146. I think this is way way cheaper that the Elkays — which are a longtime recommendation, and which include many more variations including double drainboard set-on-top-of-your-sink-cabinet sinks. The key challenge with this Ikea sink is where to put the faucet. If you set this into laminate, I would be concerned about the long-term durability of the laminate where it meets the faucet. Alternatively, you might try a wall-mount Dishmaster with this sink. Or, gasp: granite or Caesarstone or Silestone. Then again, if you can afford granite or caesarstone or Silestone, go look at the Elkay, too.


  1. Rebecca Prichard says:

    You sound just like me about Ikea and how they should rename it! Funny! If you, or anyone else, does get it-you have to get a light from there and attach it to the top. There’s a hole out the back for plugging it in. Then, at cocktail hours, you can turn it on and it looks great! You should get it as soon as you can. I personally like the design of the coffee table a lot but I do not think the wood looks good enough. It looks cheap, which it is.

    Do you mean the webpage of the closet Ikea store? I didn’t know they did specials at stores!

  2. Rich says:

    I live near an Ikea and we check the scratch and dent area a lot and find that many of the drop farm sinks you show come back with large chips along the back side. It seems like the material is weak there, be careful!

  3. John Hubbard says:

    Does IKEA not carry the porcelain farm sink anymore???!

    It would be a shame, I was designing my sink area specifically for that sink.

  4. pam kueber says:

    i don’t know, john – you need to check their catalog, etc. this underscores a real basic: if there’s a retro style product out there that you really need, buy it and hoard it, because you don’t know when it is going to be discontinued….

  5. Maurice says:

    Here’s another sink source. Cecosinks.com- they have the exact sink I need to replace which is stamped 1954. After looking at their stuff, I’m changing to a single 7″ deep.They were an original manuf. of some of the name brands like mine, American Standard. I saw the ceco sink at Reeback’s in Gardena Ca.- high retail- $458. I think they will sell direct (cheaper too) if there’s no distributor near you. Reeback’s sells The Dishmaster faucet too but are waiting on supplier

  6. pam kueber says:

    Thank you! Excellent resource — looks like they are the manufacturing source for hudee-rimmed bathroom sinks. But, I don’t immediately see any hudee-rimmed kitchen sinks… will have to explore more closely. Again – thank you!

  7. Ruth Bowman says:

    When we first bought our 1962 house we did a quick facelift of the kitchen that included a double-bowl Farmhouse Sink. I am removing the existing butcher board countertops (Ikea, Pronomen) because they have warped so badly that we can use them as fruit bowls.

    When we installed the sink initially, we just cut down our existing cabinet to accomodate the sink. It sat on top of the counters, on the apron of the cabinet and on two wee little L-brackets that make me laugh just to think about it.

    Things to note:

    1. The double bowl Domsjo is a special order. They only have it in stock in New Jersey. 1/2 of them break in shipping. DON’T think you’re going to bop down to Ikea and just buy one.

    2. It weighs about 450 pounds. Not cute when my sister and I had to haul it up to the upper-level of our split-level house.

    3. The weight can be an issue. Be sure that everything is safe and secure. I believe that if the thing were to give way, it would crash through the floor into the basement.

    4. Those fluted edges in the back are not easy to keep clean. Trap and hold water, soap, you do the math.

    I know it’s an old thread, but it came up on Google.

    Also, anyone in Atlanta want to buy MY Domsjo. It looks as good as the day I got it!

  8. Sam R says:

    We’re a year or so away from having an IKEA anywhere nearby, but those Boholmen sinks may be the perfect solution for a design problem I’ve been having – namely, a wall-mount utility hanging over a small utility tub in pretty lousy condition. Trying to find something that didn’t have a faucet hole has been more than a bit challenging, and vintage “farmhouse” style sinks with the high, built-in backsplash with holes for wall-mount faucets are ferociously expensive, even in bad shape.

  9. Pam Schulman says:

    Maybe I missed it … Can one use a garbage disposer with the IKEA drainboard sinks?

  10. pam kueber says:

    I do not know, you need to check with Ikea. Note, I am not sure this sink is even still available, I think there was a comment recently that it was discontinued. See our Drainboard Sink page for more research (use Search box to get there.)

  11. Kathy says:

    Just checked and the sinks are still available. There is a special tool you can buy to drill your own holes in the stainless sinks, so apparently at least their own faucets fit. I lived in German for many years and all my (older) apartments had wall mounted faucets, which I really like–so easy to get a big pot under it or to wash a large pot that doesn’t fit into the basin. Love an integrated drainboard too.

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