Bunny slippers, Armstrong books and Mad Men for Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is two weeks from today — are you ready? Also, a little commercial: I have three basic ideas, and all are available on Amazon… If you buy anything from Amazon by clicking through any link on my page, I get a teensy commission… It helps keep the blog boat afloat, many thanks! Here are three retro-fun ideas:

1. Runaway Rabbit authentic bunny slippers or flip flops are guaranteed to make any retro-mom happy. I have some — love them.


2. Don’t forget our Retro Renovation bibles: The 1950s and 1960s books of Armstrong ads.


3. We had a Mad Men Mania on the blog last week. Maybe Mom wants her own archival collection? If so, snap to it — as Gavin says, this show borders on art:

Looking for something else? I list my favorite resource books, plus a pink flamingoes — over at my Pamazon store. Take a look.

  1. Pencils says:

    I was just saying that I wanted a pair of bunny slippers to match my toddler daughter’s bunny slippers. Hers are pink (from LL Bean) and she looks incredibly adorable toddling around the house in them. I may need to make a “suggestion” regarding Mother’s Day…

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