131 kitchen and bathroom illustrations now in the 60s gallery

131 illustrations of 1960s kitchens, bathrooms and accessories are now loaded into the 60s gallery – check ’em out. This summer I have some interns, so I’m hoping to load oodles more images (including from the 1940s), and separate the galleries into kitchen / bathroom / living areas sections… There’s always more to do whether you’re renovating or decorating a house — or a blog! Happy Saturday, everyone. Cindy’s coming over today, and we’re going tag saling. We’ll see what trouble we can get ourselves into.

  1. Marta says:

    I’m snooping around on Pittsburgh Craigslist where I see a perfect pink kitchen range for only $200, and tell myself I really ought to pop over to Pam’s site to give a head’s up even though I suck at inserting links, etc.

    So, I dutifully open up Retro Renovation, and what’s in the picture with Pam’s post today? A PINK RANGE! Is that the X-Files theme I hear in the background? 🙂

    Here’s the item: sale-ueshy-1783861744@craigslist.org

    P.S. Got interrupted while copy/pasting by a phone call from eldest DD. Guess where she lives. That’s right. Pennsylvania.

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