Vintage Vera Imprints table linens on closeout sale at Macy’s

If these bold, graphic colors work for you, these Vintage Vera table linens on closeout sale at Macy’s look to be a bargain. It also appears that the yummy Vintage Vera holiday linens that I featured last season have been discontinued – so smarty pants to those of you who got while the gettin’ was good. (Rebecca, I’m talkin’ to you. Any other smarties out there?) Link to Imprints on sale: Vintage Vera Imprint table linens at Macy’s.

  1. LoquaciousLaura says:

    Posted this on the wrong post — go to the home section on Macy’s site and search on “vera -bradley -wang” (to get rid of the other Veras) and you’ll find a few other patterns, too!

  2. Sara Paul says:

    I got the Christmas tablecloth big enough for my table with all the leaves in on sale and with an extra coupon! Lucky me; glad I got it. thanks Pam!

  3. Kristy says:

    I bought both the falling leaves pattern (in two sizes for my table with and without the leaves in!) and the poinsettia pattern last fall. I even bought the apron! They are lovely and the quality was pretty good. I just searched the macy’s site and I see the falling leaves is still there, and on super-clearance right now.

    I highly recommend it! Now I’m contemplating buying the “imprints” set also, but I do love my table bare or with just placemats… perhaps I’ll just get the placemats in imprints =)

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