75 sets of MIB NOS ceramic towel bars, soap dishes & toilet paper holders, in 7 vintage colors

Vintage bathroom towel bars, soap dishes, toothbrush and toilet paper holders — here is quite a stash: 75 sets of mint-in-box new-old-stock bathroom accessory sets that had been boarded up in a garage attic for decades — and were rescued out the the 2nd story window. If you’re planning a bathroom renovation and need a vintage color for your ceramic accessories, this just-uncovered inventory might be the treasure just for you. Read on for the story on how they were lost — and found.

Snaps to reader Lisa for sending in this craiglist find. I contacted the seller, Tim, and asked him where all of these mid century ceramic bathroom accessories came from:

Pam, It was a second floor on top of a huge garage that was used for storage on top of a ceramic tile company that my father used to deal with in the 60’s and 70’s. He was a tile setter for 35 years. After the business closed 30-something years ago, they sealed off the entrance and removed the stairs to turn the first floor into housing. My father being retired now runs into the owner of the building occasionally and inquired on the contents — which ends up with us purchasing most of the contents. Everything had to be removed through a second floor window. There are also some boxes of tile trim. It’s funny how that stuff sat up there for 30 or 40 years before my father thought about it. (He probably found the stash of dirty magazines that my friend and I had up there from when I was about 12 years old, I am now 43, but U won’t ask,) I have not been up there to see what else is up there, but I will ask him. As far as selling them goes, we are not greedy, I am sure we can work something out with you to see that you get your cut. I know it sounds like a quote from “Goodfellas” but that’s what we do, everyone is allowed to make a “Ham sandwich” as we say in Rhode Island.
Thanks again, Ti
Above: Tim’s dad also uncovered purple field tiles, yellow bullnose trim tiles, and even this marble vanity (?) top.
Regarding the 7 colors: I took a page from Palm Springs Stephan’s book, and recommended to Tim that he get Benjamin Moore paint chips in the exactish colors of these fixtures — so that potential buyers can get a closer idea of exactly “what shade of [fill in the blank]” is under consideration. Back in the day, there were numerous shades of pink, for example.
And haha, I told Tim that I don’need no ham sammich, thank you very much for offering, though. (Although, yes, I do get a spiff if you enter ebay or Amazon from any of their links on my site and buying something – which I make a point to disclose, as appropriate.) That said, if Tim gets a good response, he is certainly welcome to advertise on the site.
Good luck to all — I hope this find makes some readers happy and that it gives the out-the-2nd-story-window-rescue story a happy ending.
If you’re interested in these fixtures, click here to contact Tim via his craiglist ad.

  1. Timothy Giammarco says:

    Hello everyone,

    As of today 7/5/11 i do still have many full sets and seperate fixtures for sale in many colors. I have more colors than in the original picture in this article. I am so glad that the story Pam did on these have joined many old bathrooms with the fixtures they need.

    Thank you to Pam and everyone that has inquired.

    Tim Giammarco
    (401) 480-2214

  2. Lou Pope says:

    I am very interested in gettting a set of the vintatge towel rod and holder. I am looking for a deep red or more of a burgendy color.
    could someone please contact me if these are still avilable.
    Lou Pope

        1. pam kueber says:

          no – see the end of the story, which points you to tim. if the ad is no longer there, i presume that means they are gone…

  3. Marissa says:

    I just came across this post, but it looks like the craigslist ad has now expired. Could you possibly post his contact info or send him mine? I would be eternally grateful. I have been looking for a set like this for months now!


    1. pam kueber says:

      Sorry, Marissa, too many now to referee these… keep an eye on the blog, I post them when I see them.

  4. Timothy Giammarco says:

    I would like to thank Lisa for bringing this to Pams attention. Also to Pam for doing the story. I can’t tell you how many interesting stories and pictures i have seen in the past two weeks. It is great to see so many people restoring and duplicating bathrooms from years past when they really had style. It’s like driving a classic car every time you sit on the throne. Thank you to all that have inquired or purchased the fixture sets.

    Tim Giammarco

    1. Story Vogel says:

      I bought a set of green fixtures from Tim. He’s a straight shooter and the fixtures are as described. My only problem was one of my own making. I neglected ,as I was busy, to sk whether these fixtures slid onto clips attached to the walls. Of course they don’t., they have to be set in cement as the wall is tiled.
      Oh well..it’s great to have them for a future project. If anyone knows of a supply of those clips that screw onto the wall and the towel bars, soap dish etc slide onto the clips…please reply .

    2. Judy French says:


      Do you have any ceramic recessed toilet paper holders left? I have a 50s yellow ceramic bathroom and the holder recently broke. Am hoping you have one left that would work – doesn’t necessarily have to be yellow! Desperately seeking a vintage piece for my mid-century bathroom.

      Judy from Texas

      1. pam kueber says:

        check back read regularly, judy — i have some new resources for colors coming….note: i DO NOT sell anything on this site, i point out resources….one place you can try right away is B&W Tile. See Bathrooms/Tile category for all resources. good luck.

    3. Lou Pope says:

      I am in need of one but would buy a set of towel Rod holders. I have the original rod and onlly one holder. I have a picture of what I am looking for if you would contact me. Thank you.

      1. pam kueber says:

        Lou — I DON”T sell anything on this site. If you want to contact TIMOTHY – do it directly as per the info he has left on the site. I am closing this thread to comments.

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