Upload photos of your holiday decorations — oh, and hijack this thread

mid century modern holidayTGIF and continuing SATURDAY — let’s party! That means: Show us the fun decor you have going on in your house, apartment or condo this year — Upload your photo(s) below. On Sunday around noon, I’ll showcase my 10 favorite — it will be so difficult!!! Oh, and in the spirit of our discussion the other day about building community on a blog — feel free to use the Comments today to ask me — or each other — random questions — hijack this thread all you want! Shown here: Jen & Eric, uploaded Friday. Read on… More than 200 photos so far!

Also check out our 2008 slide show of retro holiday decor.
To see the slide show, click on the thumbnail, it will enlarge, then use the arrows just below to move forward or back. You can start or stop the show from any slide. :

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Upload your own finds below…Give a nice description, so’s we get to know you. Note, Terms of Use apply:
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  1. Janee Taylor says:

    Hi Pam,
    Love the vintage decorations. Hope you can see the Fada radio I uploaded. It was my mothers.
    Happy Holidays

  2. Pam Shipley says:

    Hi Pam. I downloaded several pictures on Sunday night. I haven’t seen them posted yet. I didn’t put my name on them, but there were an elf on a corncob, guitar Santa on boot, mermaids with ribbons, etc. Is there something else I should do? Thank–Pam, Atlanta

  3. Nina462 says:

    MsErinD- I love the living room. Tell me -does the tv work? Did you have to rewire it? That is one of my goals this year.

    1. MrsErinD says:

      Hi Nina, Thanks! No the tv doesn’t work yet, but I know Hubby will get it to work! It needs rewired yes, but also tubes, etc, all those little things that went into old tv’s, thankfully Hubby knows all that so we’ll get it to work one day, we also have a floor model stand radio from 1942 and a console stereo from 1947, so he started work on the stereo first.

      1. Nina462 says:

        Thanks MrsErinD for the info on your tv. Awhile back Pam had some links on how to connect them & make them work for today. Have a very Merry Christmas – –

        1. vintage_vantage says:

          I love vintage electronics, even work on a few, but these can be even more of a threat than lead in my opinion! Do not plug them in to see if they work. You need a special tool called a Variac (a fancy dimmer) to make sure that the power surge from the initial plug in doesn’t fry the old wiring, resistors, etc.

  4. Disneydan says:

    I love all the great vintage decorations and decorating ideas. I have been collecting vintage decorations for nearly 20 years. It is great to unpack my “old friends” every year, but can be difficult to find new ways to display them. You all have such wonderful and unique ideas – I shall steal them all! Merry Christmas!!

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