blue heaven santa plateOver on the Facebook Fan Page, Scott posted this photo of one of his Blue Heaven Santa plates. I got so excited, because Blue Heaven is my everyday dinnerware, and I didn’t know that there were special edition plates. Special editions? I went surfing and over on Royal Ed’s store spotted examples also of Blue Heaven John F. Kennedy, a Christmas tree and a calendar of 1965.  Blue Heaven Jesus seems to be the most collectible – he is most expensive and also out of stock.
Back in the early days of the blog — December 2007 — I did a few posts about readers’ everyday dinnerware. Femme1 uses Salem Biscayne dishes. Mitzi likes her vintage Corelle. But, way back then, I didn’t have many readers, so this wasn’t a very robust survey.

So: How about you? Would I find vintage dishes in your kitchen cabinets? What kind?

Also please note: Vintage dinnerware may contain lead — please do your own research and consult with professionals so that you can make your own, informed decision about this issue and regarding safe practices.

This one also seems to call for a reader slide show (slide show now deleted).

  1. Annie says:

    I recently found this site and have been scouring it. I use Corelle “Spring Green” (kept the set when my mother bought new dishes) and have been fortunate to find casseroles, etc., of the same pattern plus the similar “Crazy Daisy” by Pyrex. I also have the green dishes Kathy likes. And my childhood FireKing mugs – one with a smiley face and the other, a panda. I trot out my large green Fiesta plate only for special cakes. And I remember eating off Blue Heaven at my aunt’s. She now uses “Spring Green” so I’ve asked my cousin to give his mom a new set of dishes for Christmas and I’ll reimburse him if he’ll slip me her Corelle. 😉

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