Sledgehammer this! More pink bathroom love from the newspaper world

Tee hee and yeehaw, here’s another story about Save the Pink Bathrooms, featuring three other readers — Meghan, Fiona and Carri — in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. It is so fun to help make these stories happen! I guess I know lots of folks with pink bathrooms, so it’s pretty easy to connect them when reporters come a-callin’. And, this story is really really good! Home and garden writer Kim Palmer captured the spirit of our little quest — which is emblematic of our bigger quest (to love midcentury homes) — just beautifully. I’m kind of proud of this quote, which explained how/why STPB got started: 

“My readers and I got into a conversation, a mini-rant,” she [Pam] recalled. “It was the ‘Flip This House’ era, with all these TV home decorating shows, and every day we’d see somebody going in with a sledgehammer. Not just ripping out a pink bathroom but doing it with evil glee. I said, ‘C’mon, these pink bathrooms aren’t horrible.'”

There are actually three parts to the Star-Tribune tribute to check out, the main story and two sidebars:

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