4 wallpaper mural designs from Thibaut — vintage 1960s

memory-lane-mural-wallpaper-from-thibautElena recently submitted a comment that made me remember I wanted to post about these: Wallpaper murals — 9′ wide for walls up to 10′ tall — made by Thibaut. Can you believe it, but this one above, Memory Lane, was on the wall behind President Lyndon B. Johnson when he addressed the nation on TV for two hours from his Texas ranch house. Hey: That means it was in Lady Bird Johnson’s house — our 4th “First Lady” Retro Renovation connection — can you name the other three so far?  Today, we still catch occasional glimpses of wallpaper murals in time capsule houses. They are SO OF THE ERA. You can still get four different designs, in a number of colorways, from Thibaut today. Looks like the retail price is just under $900.


UPDATE: These are no longer available. I’ll keep this 2011 story up for historical reference, though. 

 fox hunt mural from thibaut

Ooooh, these are soooo pretty. I think I am partial to Memory Lane, like LBJ and Lady Bird. Thibaut says that particular era design is their best-selling wallpaper mural of all time.

seasid wallpaper mural from thibautHere’s what Elena wrote:

I recently visited the showroom of a company in the San Fernando Valley in So. Cal. that has a wonderful collection of vintage wallpaper (trade only), and if you have the $$$, also makes custom wallpapers…. The gal I spoke with said that they are getting many orders for red flocked paper these days – perfect for a 50’s dining room. I am looking, though, for “rose red” — more a bluish red. I may go with a gold pagoda pattern embossed on grass paper made by Schumacher, though the red flocked stuff is tempting for our 1956 California ranch dinging room. Any suggestions Pam – I am in the exploratory phase? P.S. Anyone seen any great vintage looking wall paper murals? My grandmother always had them in her living/ dining room and the nostalgia factor has me searching. And Pam, you have no idea how you’ve inspired us to purchase a very neglected Carmichael, CA home and embark on bringing it back to its glory. Many thanks, Elena & Brian

magnolia hill wallpaper mural from thibautYay, Elena and Brian, I’m so happy to hear about your new/old adopted Carmichael house. But don’t curse me in your weaker moments, okay? And, yes: Red-flocked wallpaper! I ‘fess up: I tore it out of the foyer of my first house ever, a 1938  mid-century modest in Grosse Point Farms, Mich., which I bought when I was 25. What the heck did I know? Tragique.

11 wallpaper mural designs just 11 years ago

Thibaut’s wallpaper murals are silk-screened by hand — sounds beautiful — I bet they are just like grandma’s. I found a new release online from 11 years ago, which indicates that their collection then included a total of 11 designs. The news release alluded to:

…beautiful wisteria flowers, Roman columns, garden images reminiscent of impressionistic paintings, elegant Chinoiserie, and wonderful examples of trompe l’oeil…

Sounds like those were nice, too. I would love to see the Chinoiserie, sigh. Thibaut: Retro = hot, bring ’em back! Thibaut also notes:

Decorating with murals can help add a view to a windowless room, visually enlarge a small space, or simply add elegant, artistic touches to any interior. The murals can be used as a single image, continue on to a second wall, or go clear around a room.

  1. Laurie says:

    The French mural, Memory Lane was on my parents Dining Room wall. I didn’t appreciate it then, but one day, if I am blessed to have my own home, I want it on one of my walls!

  2. Chris from LA says:

    Steves is now out of stock of the really cool murals, including Memory Lane and Thibaut said they are no longer printing them. Steves bought their remaining stock and the only one they have left is the one with the ship at the dock. For $50, I will probably just get it.

    1. Anne says:


      Just wondering if you ended up buying the boat dock mural, and if you already installed it. If you would like to sell it, I’d be interested.


      1. Chris says:

        Hi Anne,

        I did buy it and I have yet to install it. I haven’t considered selling it but I am also not convinced yet that I want to put it up. I will look into it this week and let you know.


      2. Chris from LA says:

        Hi Anne,

        Well after much back and forth I had the wall paper mural installed last week. It looks great. I wish I could post a pic here.

        Any luck finding what you’re looking for?


  3. Annie says:

    I just bought a photo mural of ‘Autumn in Yosemite’ for a wall of my ’69 mobile. Still in its original faux wood tube from the 60s or 70s!

  4. Patrica says:

    I beleive the harbor scene was called Duxbury, and my mother hung it(pastel colorway, though) in our Towson Md. dining room in 1967. Very upscale decor, soft comtemporary orientals, etc. just lovely! Turns out when we moved back to Massachusetts we moved to Duxbury! Wish I could find a picture, she loved that story, and that mural.

  5. Maureen says:

    Anyone have advice…I am going to sell the wallpaper book I referenced above. I generally sell on Etsy but I do list on Ebay when I have to. Thoughts on which venue might better for something like?


  6. Maureen says:

    A few months late here but found this thread when searching today. I picked up one the sample books reference above and I am just wondering if anyone here knows much about them. This books is HUGE – 22 x 23 or so and weighs a ton. It is titled “Thibaut Designs of Today.” It has a couple murals – Boboli Gardens and Symphony – shown in different colors. They show these as being by the artist Fred Kazenwadel. There are also pages and pages of other great wallpapers including some flocked. I guess I am just wondering what the heck to do with this thing…do people collect or use for crafting? I am thinking this book is from 50s or 60s. Any input or thoughts are appreciated!

  7. Susie says:

    I just stumbled upon this post while doing one of my regular searches for vintage wallpaper murals. My grandmother had one by this same maker in her 70’s living room. Her’s was THE COOLEST, a Mediterranean style scene. Several years ago, in one of my favorite antique stores, I was lucky enough to find some old store samples of these murals. I was so thrilled. They didn’t have the exact one my grandmother had, but some very similar ones.

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