Win a copy of Cathy of California’s new book, Vintage Craft Workshop

American Pie needlepoint pillowUpdate: Congratulations to Jill Browning – her number came up and she is the winner of a free copy of Cathy’s new book.
When I was home in Kentucky recently, I of course rummaged around drawers in the kids’ bedrooms at Mom’s house mining for vintage. How about this? An American Pie needlepoint pillow top that I made — yes, me! — circa 1975, I’d guess. Clearly, I did not care much about needlepoint. Not only is the entire canvas askew, I missed stitches at the top, and never bothered to finish the project. I was a macrame girl, and sewed up a blue streak. How about you? Were you crafty when you were young? How about today?
Leave a comment and on Friday afternoon, I’ll random-pick one to win a copy of Cathy Callahan’s new book, Vintage Craft Workshop: Fresh Takes on Twenty-Four Classic Projects from the ’60s and ’70s, provided courtesy of publisher Chronicle Books. U.S. residents only.

American Pie needlepoint pillow

  1. pam kueber says:

    The Tiger Beat story = HILARIOUS! I sure would love to see one of those necklaces. Your stories remind me: My brother actually took taxidermy classes for a while. I will have to ask him about that!

  2. Jolene says:

    I wonder if Mom still has one of those dolls…….I’ll ask her, and I’ll also look for an old photo. Funny what you remember from your childhood!

  3. Jason says:

    Love crafts! I have done everything from working with Clay to weaving things to sand art, etc. I think it ties in very much with decorating our homes. We often do something crafty as a decor item.

  4. Maxine says:

    I love to craft. My nana would take me to craft shows all the time when I was younger. We would make wreaths and she would sew a lot. My latest obsession is estate sales and taking the crafting supplies and making wreaths with the sheets and vintage knick knacks. I also love yarn wreaths too. I posted a blog about one of them. I have to update my blog more with the newer things. http://maxibelle.blogspot.com/ I have also picked up a few vintage craft books as well.

  5. Kim says:

    Pam, first of all I LOVE your site…you bring back such great memories AND give such wonderful & fun help to those of us that chose the mid-mod lifestyle!!!
    I can’t thank you enough for your work!!!!!!

    Growing up in the 60’s & 70’s we were surrounded by my Mom’s fantastic cool mod decor & taste. She did all her decorating herself which many times called for super crafting of all types…sewing, ceramics, painting, needlework, cabinets/bookshelves, demolition, etc. She was (& still is at 69 y.o.) a very handy & independent woman!!!

    My faves to do were latch-hooking rugs, needlepoint & ceramics. After my parents divorced my Mom used to take us to the local ceramic shop to make all sorts of things for the house & our rooms…remember the “lemon tree” table centerpieces? It was fun to spend time together doing something fun in those dark energy crisis days of the late 70’s!!

    I have since started buying some beautiful hooked rugs off eBay to decorate my mid-mod home & supplies too make my own rugs again. Lots of vintage embroidery books there too by BHG for great prices!!

    One quick story…Christmas 1973 I was in the 6th grade…my Mom decided since our living room was black Naugahyde, white, chrome & glass that she was going to have the tree match the living room that year!! So she spray painted all the ornaments, flat black, silver, white, pearl, etc. and hung them on a white flocked tree…it was BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I was so proud of what she had done & how cool it was I told all the kids in my classroom about it…
    THEY were not as impressed…asked if we were devil worshipers for having a BLACK & white tree??!! I got teased for that one for a few years at Christmas time after that.

    Then this past year…I find black trees & ornaments EVERYWHERE!!! My Mom was just a few decades too cool for everyone else (but me!!!).

  6. pam kueber says:

    Welcome, Kim. Your mom sounds like a pip and that 1973 Christmas scene — classique! Welcome!

  7. Madison says:

    I love your website, as an interior designer I find great inspiration and amazing retro companies! So thank you!

  8. Marion Powell says:

    It sounds like a great book. I’m taking crochet lessons to learn to make those 40’s & 50’s potholders in the shape of dresses, etc. I’d love to do macreme again too.

  9. Katherine says:

    Can’t wait to get a copy of this book! Our Christmas tree is done completely in handmade ornaments made by at least 5 generations of my family. I prefer the retro crafts because they blend better with the antiques and and retro chic that dominates the house.

  10. Frieda says:

    I love you site! I came across it about a year ago searching for ideas for my 1940’s house(with an original, fabulous peachy/pink bathroom) and have been a huge fan every since. Thanks for your hard work.

  11. Ann-Marie Meyers (Skylark) says:

    I was crafty for sure. Crochet, needlepoint, embroidery of all kinds, especially crewel. I embroidered stuff on almost every pair of blue jeans I owned, usually crosses and religious symbols, as I was going through a hippie Jesus freak thing back then.
    I even tried my hand at pottery, but that was a flop.
    I stuck with the fiber work, though. I knit today, mostly lace, and have recently taken up crochet again, to make things for my house.

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