Towels for a retro bathroom from Amy Butler

amy butler towels
I quite like these Amy Butler towels from Bed, Bath & Beyond. They have the look of the Anthropologie towels, but are not nearly so spendy.

  1. Shelly in PHX says:

    Saw some similar-looking towels at Walmart, today, of all places! $8.97 for a bath towel, and they looked pretty sumptuous.

  2. The Amy Butler towels would be great in a 50’s styled bathroom, or any bathroom really. The ROUNDED shapes of the patterns would be a nice compliment to the SQUARE shapes of ceramic tiles. The BOLD patterns would also PUSH back the vivid 50’s colors of coral pink, brown, lime and teal. I think a lot of people get overwhelmed by the brightness of the 50’s palette. They don’t know how to take what might be considered a predominant color, and by adding an even bolder pattern make is a subordinate.

  3. Laura Thompson says:

    Already have them in my retro ranch bathroom! Also have the Any Butler fabrics on my Brickwede dining chairs! Love ’em, but couldn’t get them in the store. Must buy on-line.

  4. Sabrina says:

    I have some of the orange, white, and aqua ones (top of the stack!) in my master bath. LOVE them! I want some more for the main (pink) bathroom. Just not sure what color…

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