Pretty darn excellent Marimekko bed and bath sale at Crate & Barrel

marimekko samovaari sheetsIf you’ve been holding out for great prices on vintage Marimekko designs for your bedroom or bathroom, go take a look at the Marimekko on sale at Crate & Barrel. The sheets above are the Samovaari design originally created by Maija Isola in 1970. It’s available in a variety of colors for towels, sheets, duvets and shower curtains, at great prices (for this upscale-ish brand.) There are other designs — new and vintage — on sale — too.  Hmmm. I might neeeeeed some Tikkula spice bed linens. Hey, also, is the fact that Crate & Barrel is promoting its Marimekko Shop all over its home page big-time news? News to me. Good on them. Marimekko rocks.

  1. Love these vintage Marimekko prints! The prices on duvet covers are really reasonable for some of the patterns, too. Duvet covers can be very expensive for a king bed!

  2. Elaine says:

    This is a great opportunity to share something about making pinch pleats. I made some out of beautiful print king size sheets. Now here we have Marimekko king size sheets, light bulb goes off!

    Make some drapes, maybe. Now my experience was way back in 1973 when we had fabric stores everywhere, including in Sears, Kresge’s and places like that. We could go in and buy pleat tape and pleater hooks, just about anywhere. I just found out these are still available, and you get get them on Amazon if not at your local JoAnne’s or other fabric store. Measure the windows, double the width and figure how many sheets you will need. Now, sew the pleater tape to the large hem at the top of the sheet, fit in the pleater hooks, and hang them on your curtain rod.

    Here is a nice article I found about making these curtains, complete with detailed instructions and pictures:


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