Factory-installed undercabinet lighting in vintage St. Charles kitchen cabinets — lucky Kate McKinnon

factory installed undercabinet lighting in kate mckinnons kitchen

Reader Kate McKinnon lived with her vintage St. Charles kitchen cabinets for four years before discovering that there were two factory-installed undercabinet lights. Each with their own integral on-off switch. I totally understand how she missed them. They’re integral … your head has to get in there at an odd angle — and who would really expect this level of technology on vintage cabinets! Similarly, it took me two years to realize there was fantabulous vintage 6″ vinyl tiles — with ravishing coral streaks running through them — underneath the discount carpet in the hallway. For some reason, I had it in my head that there was plywood subfloor under that carpet. As Kate says on her blog:

All I know is that I want to stay in this universe, the one in which my St. Charles cabinets have factory-installed undercabinet lighting.

Thank you, Kate.

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