95 colors of pink tile for bathroom repairs and replacementUpdate: World of Tile has now closed. I’ll leave this story up, for a while at least, to show some of the cool stuff they had.

You know how Palm Springs Stephan and I always caution that when you go looking for “1950s pink”, you must be careful and know that there were many shades of pink on the market back in the day? Well, here is hard evidence: I went for a second visit to World of Tile — that magical mystical mid century time capsule tile store, in Springfield, New Jersey — and Chippy let me poke around, absorb some more, and take additional photos. Back in the “replacement tile” area, I actually took the time to count the number of different pinks in their big long file box. There were 95 different shades and finishes of vintage pink bathroom tile. 95!

light pink bathroom tile for a 1950s bathroom

There were “Light Pinks”, up in the front.

vintage pink bathroom tile

There were even more “Shinny [sic] Pinks” in the middle. Yes: That would be ‘shiny’ as in glossy.

mottled pink bathroom tileThere were “Satins” and “Crinkly’s”. I forgot to pull out some crinklies to check out what the heck that means. Mottled? I spent about seven hours, in all, at World of Tile this second visit. DH wanted to go see. He walked around with his mouth hanging open and his head spinning. I was in more control, given this was my second visit. But I still was missing some of my processing faculties.

We took Chippy to lunch at the Route 22 Diner, to thank her.

95 colors of vintage pink tile
A tower of pink tile. Be still my heart.

95 colors of pink bathroom tile is pretty impressive, don’t you think? I am not sure if it beats 1,062 different sizes of hudee rings, though.

  1. Bill R. says:

    I thanked you Pam, in the other site.

    But I hunted you down because I didn’t find your name 🙂

    My roommate dropped her fine perfume bottle which broke off half the black 4.25″ retro toothbrush holder.
    ( I told her, “…. no problem sweety, I’ll fix it right up” ( yeah right ?!)

    All anyone said was.
    “Sorry sir” 🙁

    I can’t wait to meet Chippy, the store said they have just what I need :•)

    I love Women !!
    they are so detailed, lol

  2. pam kueber says:

    You’re welcome. Are you going to World of Tile? It’s a FABULOUS place! Remember to tell Chippy “hi” for me!

  3. Wm. Rios says:

    …..you know that I am…


    (I wonder if true love is just as easy to find. I wonder if there’s a store for that too ….??)

    ok, where was I ? Ah, yes!!!

    XO to Pam
    xO to Chippy


    So what did they do with all the tile when they closed? I’m looking for a color called Pink Orchid (1938).

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