William Pahlmann original interiors in a time capsule 1962 house for sale in Montclair, New Jersey — 14 photos

william pahlmann 1962 living roomReaders: This is how timeless midcentury modern design IS DONE! What a fantastic amazing mind-blowing find: After the New York Times story ran last week, I was contacted by a realtor who has listed for sale a 1962 house in Montclair, New Jersey — with original interiors, still in place, by the renowned and super important midcentury interior designer William Pahlmann.

william pahlmann 1962 kitchen design

These interiors are a veritable primer — a treasure trove of inspiration and ideas — about how to create stunning — yet timeless — interiors for your midcentury home. Linda, the real estate agent, writes: 

william pahlmann dining room interior designHi Pam,

I loved reading the article in the NYTimes! I’m a Realtor in Montclair NJ and have a house listed that is the most amazing home that I have seen in 25 years of real estate. Built by the owners in 1962 and decorated by Wiliam Pahlmann, a Manhattan decorator w/a newspaper column in the ’60s. The house is exactly as decorated when new… It looks as if it was done yesterday!  The jelly beans in the bowls in the living room are color-coordinated to the “summer” slip covers and they will change with the season!


william pahlmann office design with day bed

Thank you, Linda, for sharing! I agree — this is one of the most amazing time capsule houses that I have ever seen. Breathtaking!
william pahlmann bedroom designNow, I must admit: Until I received this email, I didn’t know anything about William Pahlmann. I am sure that students of interior design must study him. But his name does not seem to be mainstream widespread like many of the most famous architects from back in the day. By the way, I find this to be true time and time again — the names of many professionals who were incredibly influential in the world of interior design and consumer goods in the postwar era have faded — and it’s time that they are resurrected! Another of my goals!
william pahlmann kitchen designI started to do some online research, and quickly found that Pahlmann was incredibly important in the history of interior design.
william pahlmann media roomHe is credited with launching the “eclectic style” that, for the most part, permeates our culture today.
william pahlmann living roomThat is: Mixing modern pieces with vintage and exotic pieces. I think these interiors are ALL incredibly livable. And, they look as current Today as ever!
1962 mid century house in montclair new jerseyI will write more about Pahlmann coming up. He is someone We Need To Know!
william pahlmann basement game room design
olympic sized swimming pool in backyard of 1962 housemid century pool house cabanawilliam pahlmann pool house interior 1962Sigh.
william pahlmann bedroom design 1962
If only.


  1. Jenny says:

    This is so sad. That it will now be torn down almost makes me want to cry, especially as there were buyers willing to keep it nearly in its pristine condition and to raise their family in it, and whose only failing was in not having 1.2M in CASH. I really think cities need to think carefully before allowing gems like this to be torn down for faceless “modern” houses. It’s one thing if the existing house is falling down or poorly designed; it’s quite another to have a near-museum-quality home like this torn down just for profit. Bleah. I’m sick to my stomach over this.

  2. Pat Wieneke says:

    Maybe if you paper one wall and paint the others the background color of the paper. You will get that look but same some money. Also, if you pick one that doesn’t have a long ‘drop’ so there is none wasted. There are always odd rolls in the paint/paper shops, too that you can use.
    If you really can not live with that old paper, do what my daughter did. She uses it to wrap gifts in. You have to return the wrapping paper to her, though, and are apt to get the same one next year, too.
    This works best with the more modern strippable papers.

  3. CarolK says:

    Could those be some type of ventilation? I recall a mid-century ranch that had the air conditioning vents in the ceiling. The room with the plaid sofas looks like it has little fans in the ceiling.

  4. Shelly Morden says:

    O M G…….died and gone to heaven in that house!! Amazing. I believe whole-heartedly in the Retro is Green. The idea so many people share my passion warms my heart. It is thrilling to see these well-loved and preserved treasures. I love in a 1935 Cape Cod style home, my 12 year old Daughter has friends living in new construct homes 500k and up. I try so hard to make her understand that homes like ours will never come again, and that this house and its good old bones is the one she will always adore coming back to, timeless.

  5. Elena says:

    I was just raving to a coworker about my dream house.
    The house was torn down last year. What a crime!
    I can’t stand to look at the demolition pictures!

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