modern drum pendant from lowesThere is no Lowe’s in my picturesque county, so I don’t get to snoop there very often. I tend to prefer its products to those of Home Depot. Over Labor Day, though, we visited friends an hour away, and zipped into Lowe’s with them very quickly on Sunday afternoon. I quick-like went to look in kitchens and baths and then, raced through lighting. Sure enough, I spotted the Danish Modern pendant light, above, $159. I didn’t get a chance to examine it for visibly apparent quality. But at a glance it looked nice. When I got home, I went to Lowe’s website to see if I could find any more new-midcentury-style lighting, and came up with 10 more examples.  

retro light

Above, a cheap and cheerful retro ceiling fixture, $38 that would look good in a bedroom, a laundry room, or office. You could spray paint the brushed chrome housing if you prefer color.

single bulb light for a mid century modest house

This could be very cute ceiling light for a mid century modest laundry room, or even a hall, $12.99. Repeat: Easy to repaint the housing for yet another design effect.

simple retro modern light for a 1950s house

For $5.92, you could tuck this retro light in a closet, on an enclosed porch, on the basements stairs – any number of places. But, is it a “part-timer”? Some of the online reviews on the Lowe’s site suggest this light works intermittently, read them and decide for yourself.

retro globe lightRetro globe light, $24.88. Kind of cute as a button.

pretty modern lightPretty retro-modern ceiling light, $109. This has a bit of Scolari to it.

1970s retro bathroom light
A kind of 70s Tiffany style retro, $99. Not sure I’d call it “authentic” retro – but it gives me happy 60s vibes. If only it were a burnt orange and red glass instead of amber/black!

knock off of jonathan adler light

Retro glamorous 4-light office, foyer, dining room or bedroom light, $88.  A knock off, I’d say, of Jonathan Adler, which, for all I know, is a knock-off of someone else. Pretty much everything today is derivative of something else older…

progress style modern lightThis ceiling fixtures reminds me of old Progress lights — it has a porthole/streamline/modern feelProgress style modern light, $58.

retro-cylinder-bullet-lightSingle cylinder bullet light, $25. Goodness, I can’t imagine you can find these less expensively anywhere else but the Re-Store. These (and the light below) are marketed by Seagull Lighting. The body is steel — good for repainting, I’d think. I cannot find any information on their website, or on Lowe’s, indicating Country of Origin. I am guessing you can only find that out country of origin by looking at the box or on the light itself (I don’t know the regulation). And I am also going to guess – Made in China. Want bullet lights assembled in the U.S.: Try Remcraft. 

double cylinder retro bullet light

Double cylinder bullet light, $39.10.

  1. Wan Bee says:

    I recently purchased a 1959 vintage cherry kitchen hanging light with a finial. When it arrived the milk glass globe with painted cherries was broken and I was using it as the focal point to design my vintage kitchen. Does anyone know where I might find a replacement. I truly adore this set and am so sorry USPS didn’t take better care of the package.

    Please help.

  2. Judy French says:

    Like the mid-cent style w/wood chandelier at Lowes!
    May work, but not ready to commit to purchase a chandleier. Think it’s an opportunity to get something really kick butt for good value.

    ALSO SEEKING: Looking for mid-cent in similar style to: ‘is a lamp, is it a etc’, style room divider, but not tension mount…….
    Anyone know the manufactuerer of that one or any other tips?
    I’ve searched endlessly….
    I’m thinking what I’m looking for would have been a built-in that has since been demolished….

    Any help appreciated. I’ve designed my own room divider and may be going that way, but vintage would be better.
    Thx ahead……

    Seeking 87 tall-ish, 60s style, double-sided room divider, max: 35 in wide.

  3. hannah says:

    Great. My one HUGE weakness – lighting. lol I could definitely make use of the first one (square). Side entry kitchen nitch has an out of place one with relief grapes, I don’t think it’s original to the house. Also, the one in the hallway could be replaced with the one shown here. *adds to list*

    These are fabulously fun and it’s great to know about. Side note: Anyone else but me notice that ‘drum’ shades are making a come back? Usually a bit on the small side re length – but hopefully the manufactures will figure out there are a lot of us in need for our shadeless MCM lamp purchases!

    Thanks, Pam!

  4. I don’t know about new versions of the 5.92 one that might be intermittent, but it’s identical to the one in my childhood bedroom at my mom’s house that was installed in 1988. We’re actually mid-relocation and staying there now. My son is sleeping in there and the light is still going strong.

    The light bulbs are easy to change on those. I learned the hard way to find out how complicated the light bulb changing process is before I get new fixtures.

    1. Tina says:

      Yes! That is my main criteria for choosing a light fixture! I’ve even replaced fixtures because changing the bulbs was such a PITA.

  5. JoAnn says:

    Wow! Lowe’s doing more than one retro light. This is major mid-century recognition by a large retailer. A big picture moment for retro.
    Thanks Pam.

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