Formica – 54 retro colors and patterns from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s still for sale today

Formica White Onyx, available since 1969 — You KNOW you’ve seen this in a gazillion kitchens and bathrooms!

I have been on a tear, of late, researching laminates. Considering how Greige and Granite-y 99% of what’s out there is, I want to provide Retro Renovators with the broadest researched selection possible of designs that have a more historical, retro appeal. After I learned that Formica’s butcher block laminate has been in production since 1972, I asked Formica if they could look through their records to identify any more laminates introduced in the 60s, 70s and 80s, and which are still for sale today. And yes, the company found 54 more postmodern-era laminates for us to consider for our bathroom and kitchen renovations. At the left: White Oynx, which has been in production since 1969. Faux granite today — faux marble back then. A reminder to let’s not diss today’s granite fixations too much, we’re now in houses built during a time when there were just different fixations.


I have always loved Dune Wood – introduced in 1982


Marine Blue, 1976: Heck to the yeah!


In 1963 – possibly earlier – we had Antique White (above), as well as White, Champagne and Beige. Why not!

Formica’s archivist says:

White Onyx, from 1969, is the oldest pattern in the range. Many solid colors are older than I have records for, since intro dates on databases have changed with supplier changes. But I do have a brochure from 1963 that shows: 949 White, 932 Antique White, 925 Champagne, 879 Beige, The 70’s and 80’s are much easier:

Cool, huh? See all of Formica’s solid-, pattern- and woodgrain laminate here.


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