Tarkett square dance floorFor those of you pumping up the “modern”, I found five fun vinyl flooring designs — including two for kids. Indeed, Tarkett gets my props for innovating when it comes to designing floor fashion. I’ve shown their Arabesque design before – alas, it now seems discontinued. But, they keep coming up with more. Above: “Square Dance”, a special five-layer FiberFloor, is available two colorways. Party on for four more designs — blue bubbles, anyone? ->

bubble fun floor from tarkettBubble Fun, a FiberFloor, comes in two colorways, too.

metallic vinyl flooringThey have two metallics — again, this is vinyl — kind of looks like the stuff that goes on garage floors. But I like it, it’s cool….

Funtastic IslandAnd two for the kids: Funtastic Island…

Kidland vinyl sheet flooring…and Kidland. Looking at these last two, I suddenly realize, I had such a deprived childhood. I want a Funtastic Island floor NOW. Mom, I know you’re reading this. Mom? Mom? Mom? Mom? Mom?

See all the Tarkett Fiberfloors — including this line, Easy Living Fun — here.

  1. Lorie says:

    Carolyn, I did find this: http://www.modularitytiles.com/modulizer.php You can build your own pattern. But nothing like what Tarkett had made.

    I’m now thinking something like a very very shiny white linoleum floor, but it’s hard to find a color that’s not streaked with white or black (perfect for a 40s or 50s home, just not for my 1964 two story ranch). But still looking for that too.

    Pam, thanks for the suggestion! i did go through those options but didn’t find much that was mod (lots of lovely 40s and 50s type flooring! and wonderful tile!!).

  2. pam kueber says:

    Someone else just mentioned this on the blog in a comment — how about FritzTiles in faux terrazzo. They’ve been making ’em for decades, apparently.

  3. Sage says:

    I have the Square Dance in blue/green in my bathroom, and I love it. I needed something less labor intensive than time, and I could not stand the idea of getting a fake rock – tile look.

    this is perfect. I wish they would make more! I found this post because we had another minor flood in our city. The carpet had to go and now I am looking for flooring alternatives that can stand some moisture.

  4. Bobbi says:

    I am looking for a store or source to buy some Bubble Fun vinyl flooring, preferably pink and if that’s not available I would do the aqua.. I only need a 8×17 ‘. Pc. Thank you! Bobbi

  5. Adrianne says:

    Recently fell in love with Tarkett’s Bubble Fun Turquoise/Green flooring only to find out it’s been long discontinued. Anybody know if I can still find it or something fun like it in greens/ blues??

  6. Terry Jones says:

    I’m also looked for places it might have gone when it was discontinued ???? It would be perfect for our beach house!

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