5 colorful modern shower curtains from DeNY Designs

colorful shower curtain DENYIf you have a vintage bathroom with pastel color tiles, one of the greatest ways to play the tiles up — and in a way, to play them down — is with a colorful patterned shower curtain. In just the same manner as wallpaper, shower curtains add visual interest with both pattern and secondary and tertiary colors that you can further accessorize with — that you can use to “pull the room together” in a pleasing way. Today, I show five colorful — kind of bold modern — shower curtains from DENY Designs that could easily be the starting point for giving a midcentury bathroom a fresh new look. Above: “Hide and Seek” shower curtain designed by Rebekah Ginda. Do you have a bathroom with blue tiles and black trim? Here you go.

shower curtain with owlsValentina Ramos’ Cute Little Owls shower curtain would go in a Mamie pink bathroom, of course. I also spy some very light minty green — if you have that tile color, you could use this curtain, too.

Khristian A Howells Nolita’s Drops shower curtain is … serene. Use it in a bathroom tiled in pink or aqua.

Khristian A Howell Nolita’s Chevrons use the same colors, just a much bolder design. The reason I say that bold shower curtains play a tile up — and down — at the same time is that… well, if you have a bathroom full of aquamarine or pink tile (for example), there is pretty much no hiding the fact. Similarly strong colors used elsewhere in the bathroom — on wallpaper or a shower curtain — will balance the strength of the tile, so that you see the *whole* bathroom not *just* the tile, wonderful as it may be.

elephant shower curtain

Okay, so this ain’t pastel. How about for a 60s or 70s bathroom, though? Valentina Ramos’ Aaron shower curtain shows how one simple piece can make a monumental impact and create a design direction for the entire bathroom. I could have used this curtain in my mom’s little bathroom — instead of the Peanuts curtain — as a launching point for my simple graphic look. Heck, I could switch ’em out any time — change the rug and towels, and I have a whole new look. The sheep would have to go, though; only one cute animal theme in a small space at one time, please.

Lots more shower curtain designs at DENY Designs.


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