red kitchen countertopWe now have examples from two readers who installed vintage style red laminate kitchen countertops — using two different laminates. Above: Bonnie used Arborite Red Xabia laminate edged with aluminum trim from Eagle Mouldings. Trim pieces included (1) Face nosing 13/16″ (with holes drilled) A-274; (2) Cove E98 MFA for 1/16″ material to join counter and backsplash, and (3) J-caps 1/4″ E401 BA MFA for top of the backsplash (laminate on 3/16″ plywood).

red crackle ice countertopMeanwhile, Susan used red cracked ice laminate from Bars & Booths, along with aluminum edging purchased from the same company. Pros and cons of the two approaches, to the best of my knowledge:

  • Bonnie’s Arborite Red Xabia is a “stock” color from Arborite, so you should be able to order it easily and relatively inexpensively from any big box store. The Red Xabia has the right vintage-red color… and a bit of texture… so you certainly get the correct vintage vibe. See more of Bonnie’s 1950s kitchen update here.
  • Susan’s cracked ice (I also call this crackle ice) is a specialty laminate and more expensive. It does have the cracked ice effect a lot of folks want. See more of Susan’s project here.
  • Either way, I’d advise, though, to order samples before you choose — as large as you can get them. For example, the cracked ice laminate that I saw some years ago had too much pixelation in the digital printing for my tastes. And an update on cracked ice laminate pricing since Susan’s renovation: Check Heffron’s A Moment In Time Design also for pricing — last I checked they beat Bars & Booths’ pricing.


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