10 NOS Tub-Master accordian-door shower doors — for a vintage travel trailer or home

tub master folding shower doorDustin of the 170 New Old Stock (NOS) plastic wall panels in mind-bending colors mentioned that he also has 10 NOS accordian door shower doors available for sale. Of course, I asked for pictures, pretty please.

UPDATE: We also found a story that sells accordian shower doors made new here.

vintage folding shower doorHere is one assembled. I like the yellow rails.

Close up.

Still in their original boxes…–> Readers interested in buying any of these doors: Please contact Dustin at sitdropspeak@gmail.com.

accordian shower doorFor reference, I first saw and featured one of these in 2008. Above is the accordian shower door in Carrie’s bathroom. See her adorable Cinderella ranch house here

We also saw one of these accordian shower doors in a time capsule house that Mary Deluxe toured.

Dustin says that he remembers installing a door like this in his parent’s Winnebago. Indeed, this style of door would seem great for a vintage travel trailer because it is so lightweight.

Like everything else in midcentury America, it seems there was a goodly amount of innovation going on when it came to shower doors:

  1. paula says:

    I had one of these in my last house (built in the mid 80s but built by a senior citizen so it had an older vibe). It wasn’t very pretty at that point (it was probably 15 years old at least). The plastic was sort of faded and discolored even though there was no window in the bathroom. It couldn’t be removed easily (the door itself could but not the frame) so just put a curtain in front of it.

    It was very hard to keep clean. The water there left a film over everything and this thing has lots of crevices. It didn’t help that the tub was very narrow. I used to remove the door and take it outside every once and a while to really clean all the crevices and the rollers along the tracks. Then I could clean the soap scum out of the empty track while the door was off. Just a fair warning. Where I live now it would probably not be as much of a problem – the water doesn’t leave a film like it did in that house.

  2. Matt says:

    We have something similar in our robin’s egg blue bathroom (we have one blue, one pink). Agree that its hard to keep clean. It doesn’t take long to look nasty again after a good cleaning. Once we get around to doing some minor things to the bathrooms (painting etc) its going to be donated to the habitat rehab store.

  3. Ranger Smith says:

    They are a clever idea but I had these in an apartment back in the ’80s and they were not easy to keep clean.

  4. philq says:

    My parents installed these in both of their bathrooms when they did a complete gut/remodel/expansion of their home in 1975. Still have them – in good condition except for one split panel. They also installed an all-wood Pella accordian door to their basement (still in use).

  5. JKM says:

    The master bathroom shower in the house we lived in when I was little (built 1964) had this type of door and all I remember is my mother complaining constantly about it – hard to clean, sticking/jambing in the track when opening/closing, etc. Sorry to be a downer but she hated it.

  6. midmichigan says:

    Very cool and like others have said a high maintenance item. I also remember these being somewhat of an attractant to mildew.

  7. Deb says:

    I want to know where I can get the folding shower doors.. I had them in my house prior to it’s burning, and want to replace them. Please help!!!

  8. Scott McAfee says:

    I have a set of folding doors Circa 1976 on my bathtub. They look identical to the last picture “folding-white-shower-door”. I have been looking for a replacement magnetic catch to replace one that rusted and broke the plastic cover. So far I have had no luck locally. There is no makers label on the door. Any ideas?

  9. JT Lawlor says:

    Replacing old tub-master doors appx 62 in High
    Do you have the accordian folding (like 1st Pis gold & white)
    in tall format ( if you have frame I can be a little flexible on Height)
    Thanks-A-Bunch !! JTL 610-363-6560

  10. pam kueber says:

    we don’t sell anything here on the blog, JT. check the story – is there a contact still listed there, within the write up?

  11. Ray Springett says:

    I have a shower cubicle with a Tub Master 4 section folding door measuring 730 wide x 1700 high, I have changed the panels and fitted light blue tinted ones to the 3 sides, do you have anything that would match or know where i could get one.
    Yours hopefully

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