My fiberglass shower base now looks like new

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This is the shower that my husband uses. I am — voluntarily — in charge of cleaning the fiberglass shower base (Swanstone). I am not very diligent about it. Obviously. Historically, I have used Lysol Basin Tub & Tile cleaner liquid in the spray bottle. It has “worked”, but it always took me like three applications, lots of letting it sit and soak, then wiping up over and over with a rag. It took forever and still there were always bits of scum left in the anti skid pattern of the fiberglass shower pan. Then the darn dirt would start building up again, fast and furious. So, you can see why I avoided the task: It was sisyphean. But ha!, disgusting fiberglass days are over!

“Before”: See? OMG embarrassing. I wet down the shower base. I sprayed on the ROG3 pretty liberally, full strength. I let it sit for… like 5 minutes, probably more. I scrubbed with my Dobie. I rinsed. There was still a little bit of dirt around the drain — the area that always gets the dirtiest. For step two, I reapplied, focusing on this area. Waited. Scrubbed with the Dobie. Rinsed, and….
… “After”: … I am telling you, this shower pan has not looked this clean since the day it was installed. Even when it was installed, my contractor commented how difficult it was to keep these things clean.

I was trying ROG products and when I received the ROG3, it also said it would clean fiberglass. So I gave it a try and yowza: This fiberglass shower pan cleaned up like a dream — faster and better than anything I have ever tried before.

But, please note:
Disclaimer: Here on the blog, as homeowners ourselves, we may try new cleaning products aimed at solving our own cleaning problems; if we think we’ve found something promising to consider, we may write about it. But, we are not professional chemists or engineers or home economists. So, please: Do your own research into these products — consult with manufacturers — about their suitability for your projects before trying them. More info in Terms of Use.

What did I use to clean the fiberglass? The ROG3 — the bottle of blue solution on the right. It said on the instructions that it could be used for fiberglass. So I tried it.

Link: It’s expensive, but I think I will buy a lifetime supply this week, just in case — Where to buy your own stash of ROG3.

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  1. Erin says:

    Cleaner Recommendation? Anyone use EdFred? I was considering ordering but wanted to give a vinegar solution a try first.
    Congrats on the mislabeling discovery! They should send you a few free bottles for that one! :o)

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