I read recently that the steel industry has significant global production overcapacity. Seems like with the whac-a-mole global economic slowdowns, steelmakers currently have the manufacturing in place to produce 20% more steel than the world needs. This kind of situation generally leads to falling prices — and more affordable products. You know I love my steel kitchen cabinets. Powder coated steel products generally last forever — and they are so shiny and pretty — so I like ’em for both of these reasons. So, I went looking for powder coated steel home decor, focusing on shelving and storage. I found 24 goodies.

First up: Mobos Modular Home & Office Storage

mobos shelving


Above: UPDATE: Alas: Link no longer works. Mobos Modular Home & Office Storage. I actually bought a set of mobos at a fab.com sale about two months ago, I haven’t put my 48″ white bar and three tree storage containers up yet, but will show you when I do. I can already say: The quality of the product that I receive looks excellent. In today’s world, I expect that. So the bigger story about Mobos is their overall: All of the geometric shapes you see above are actually “containers” — with “hooks” designed in as part of the steel stamping — that hang on the white bar behind. Install the bar, then hang the pieces you want. The bars come in different sizes, and the containers come in different shapes, sizes and colors. As the name says, its very modular. Made in the USA. Finally, the steel is powder coated — just like a car — so it can withstand the outdoors. However… I’d think steel would get pretty hot in the sun, so this may not be so good for tender root systems unless you use a lot of moss or something like that I don’t know what I’m talking about.

Urban Outfitters:

steel wall shelves Urban Outfitters always seems to have cute decorative items in trendy colors — and retro is trendy right now. Woah: And do I like the shelves above! Very strings-shelf like. Very versatile. Great colors. Nicely done, UO.

vitnage style table from urbanAbove: The Flourish side table now comes in four colors — a jadeite green, a soft blue, the acid yellow shown here, and black.  How about for the bathroom?

industrial vintage side tableAbove: The Factory side table, industrial vintage style.

vintage style shelf from urban outfittersAbove: Vintage style basketweave shelf in green or black.

red kitchen shelf

Above: A cute red shelf for a bathroom, kitchen or mudroom even, not sure if it’s steel, but it’s on the list.

small vintage style metal shelfAbove: Tiny metal shelf. Golly, UO is all over the colorful powder coated metal trend!

spice rackFinally, floral cutout spice rack. I could use this in the bathroom, too, it’s so pretty.

powder coated steel bookcase

From CB2:

The first place I headed online was CB2, the mod offshoot of Crate and Barrel. Sure enough, there was a good big of powder coated steel at CB2 — and
Lead photo: Array bookcase in orange. Note, CB2 is sayin’ this is for books, but it looks to me like it could also hold a collection. Just secure your whatevers with Museum Putty so they don’t get knocked off and broken. I’d expect even more to come.  In addition to charcoal-ish, CB2 also has real colors, including bright orange and chartreuse. Hurray for color!

Above: The powder-coated steel coat rack is a keeper. This also would work for hanging towels in a family bathroom — very perky.

Above: The red wall bookshelf  looks pretty darn versatile room-to-room. Measurements are: 53″ wide x 9″ deep x 17″ high.

Above: CB2’s carlson ii blue tower shelves, yes, in powder coated steel, are interesting, graphic. They measure. 1o” x 10″ x 71″

At Land of Nod:

Land of Nod also is owned by Crate and Barrel. Lots of times you can find great — colorful — things in the kids’ and teens’ catalogs. Yup.

These colorful modern organizers would work well in an office — mount one on the wall near your keyboard or principal work surface tokeep pens, the stapler and other frequently used office supplies close at hand. And look: Powder coated pink!


Above and right: Goodness, these die cut metal shelves with hooks are cute cute cute overload. In white, too.

Ack! Cute overload? How about squirrel coat hooks, in multiple colors.

Golly, there’s lots more powder coated steel at Land of Nod. Start at storage. What a fun place.

Next stop: Ikea

Ikea was one of the first places I started to spot colorful powder coated steel storage items, a few months ago. Here are some highlight:

Above: Cute little vintage style Raskog kitchen storage carts, in a couple of colors.

Above: I continue to love this Ekby shelving — which you can buy with ($50) or without the shelves ($20) and add your own, or add colored Lack shelves also from Ikea.

Above: Mod bookends.

From The Container Store

Next stop, The Container Store, which has the most annoying website ever, I dread going there. But I did it for the cause, and founds some cool stuff.

Above: These five-bin, rotate-out storage towers are pretty groovy and there are 16 comments, mostly very positive.

Above: There is an entire selection of 14″ x 14″ x 14″ steel cubes that can be put together to form different sizes of modular storage. One cube3 cubes… 4cubes with locker doorssix cubes… 15 cubes with doors and shelves….

Hmmm, now I’m getting creative. Searched “magnetic” and came up with this pretty, a 15″ wide flower power magnet board, $25.

A single mini magnet board is $5.

A 28″ long magnet strip is $13. Golly, wish they had the flower power colors, though.

And finally, Misewell:

coat rack hooksMisewell is a small, Milwaukee design company.I like their hooks. More expensive. But: Made in the USA.


  1. Kristy says:

    I loved all the adorable ideas. Do you know by chance where I could purchase the cb2 red wall shelf? The store no longer sells that item.

  2. Robyn says:

    I just bought the Ikea cart last weekend! I also have 2 of those mini magnetice strip boards…luv ’em

  3. Signed D.C. says:

    Ikea also has a new little steel storage cabinet, about 3 feet high and 15 inches wide, called the Josef. (At least I think it’s new–I’ve only noticed it in the current catalog which I received earlier in the week.) It comes in white, dark gray, and pink (gasp–though it looks more hot pink than Mamie pink), costs $45, and you can stack one on top of the other to make a nice 6 footer. I’ve been searching for a tall skinny cabinet for my bathroom–and Ikea does have some nice tall skinny bathroom cabinets, but I found that the boxes they come in were too unwieldy for me to haul home. This was the ideal solution…two short and light boxes, easy to assemble, feels sturdy, looks great! Had to settle for white ’cause they were sold out of the gray that I wanted, but my bathroom is mostly white so I suppose this is a better fit anyway.

  4. Carole says:

    I love those colorful shelves from Urban Outfitters. Who knew? lol

    I also love that filagree shelf, the yellow table, the IKEA rolling cart (which I’ve seen in person but have no room for 🙁 the teal is absolutely gorgeous btw), and……lol

  5. Tasha says:

    Oh Pam, I’m loving these. We thought we had everything in our heads settled for decorating our kitchen (no reno til way down the road, so just decor/paint), until we started in on ideas for decorating our living room recently (finally after 5 months, inspiration struck!). So then we realized our kitchen plans needed a bit of sprucing up to infuse a bit o’ modern with our vintage. This post has the gears grinding in my head now, thanks!

  6. Debra says:

    I could find a place in my home for so many of these vintage inspired metal pieces! Thanks for sharing Pam!

  7. Jay says:

    Wow! Pam does all the work and we have all the fun ogling the results. i like the vintagy looking stuff. i keep hoping to find some old vintage shelves for over the terlit. Thanks Pam!

    1. CC in Virginia says:

      Jay, somehow I think Pam might not view her research quite so much as “work.” I defnitely APPRECIATE having it all put together & presented to us on this site like a labor of love! Thnx, Pam!!

  8. Steve H says:

    The Land of Nod wall organizers look really great. They remind me of the vintage Dorothee Maurer-Becker designed Wall-All organizers, which I believe are still available, but rather pricey.

  9. CC in Virginia says:

    Nice to see it’s still possible to have powder-coated steel items in my home (besides my mailbox!), since that steel kitchen makeover is eluding me. 😀

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