blenko lampsUpdate: Contest ended. Congratulations to reader Natasha. I spun the random number generator, her number came up, she confirmed my email, and she is now working with Rejuvenation to choose her Blenko lamp. Thanks, everyone, for playing — and thanks, Rejuvenation, for this wonderful giveaway!

We first reported in August that Rejuvenation would be reviving authentic Blenko lamps — and now, the on-sale date has arrived. Today, these lamps go “live” on Rejuvenation’s website, and catalogs will start arriving in homes on Nov. 13. We’re big fans of Rejuvenation products here on the blog — and just to share some love, I asked if they’d like to do a giveaway. They readily agreed. So — yes! — in celebration of the Blenko launch, here’s your chance to win a Blenko Cylinder lamp — your choice of color — your choice of shade — from Rejuvenation. Such delicious lamps! Read on for contest rules and how to enter –>

blenko lamps from rejuvenation
The new line of Blenko lamps features numerous shapes, colors and shades. This giveaway is for a CYLINDER LAMP, your choice of color, your choice of shade.

As a reminder, these Blenko lamps are Made in the USA — by the original Blenko company, using historic techniques. Rejuvenation explained:

Rejuvenation’s collaboration with Blenko is a true partnership. Blenko blows the glass vessels for us, in West Virginia, using the same traditional methods they always have… They then ship the vessels to Rejuvenation where they are assembled and wired by our team of craftspeople, on site in our factory in Portland, Oregon. This partnership is a really exciting opportunity to bring back these quality American-made designs.

How to enter to win the Rejuvenation Blenko lamp:

  • Add your comment below answering, ‘Why this lamp would look great in your house?‘ If you wanna, you can ogle all the lamps and also tell us ‘what color you would choose.’ And I always try to make entries hassle-free, so you can also just say ‘I wanna’ or something else nice and happy.
  • Rejuvenation ships to all 50 states and Canada so whoopdeedoo, Great White North, you are IN this one! Sorry, ROW 🙁
  • Terms of Use apply to all participation on the blog — please read ’em.
  • Contest ends noon-ish on Friday, November 9. Again: Winner can choose CYLINDER design lamp in color of their choice, shade of their choice.
  • One entry per person.
  • I will choose a winner via the random number generator… contact the winner… they have one week to respond and if I don’t hear from them, I will move on to the next person in line. Rinse. Repeat. Be sure to enter your email address correctly in the Comment form!
  • Pam will post the first name of the winner at the top of this post as soon as they confirm.

Thank you, Rejuvenation, for this terrific giveaway, and congratulation, Blenko and Rejuvenation on the terrific new partnership!

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  1. Diane in CO says:

    How I remember my mother’s Blenko glass on the coffee table so many years ago — and how I wish I knew what became of it!

    The renovation of my home design office continues with chair and lamp selection coming up as soon as drapery fabric chosen. I’m thinking the Olive Round Blenko would be a stunning focal point for the room.

    Will be in Portland for the holidays and plan to visit the store with my DIL, a little lunch-and-lamps outing. 🙂

  2. MB Jackson says:

    My family is moving into a “new” 1951 house, and the peacock cylinder Blenko lamp would stand out beautifully with the white walls and golden drapes. It would be my living room’s signature piece — a modern element in an otherwise very traditional Colonial home. Blenko glass is legendary, and I’d be proud to have it in my home.

  3. TG says:

    A peacock lamp with an ivory shade would be perfect for the living room in my time capsule 1965 ranch house!
    This is my first home purchase & this blog has been incredibly helpful and a great source of inspiration.

  4. tailfin says:

    I live in a 1930 Buffalo bungalow and the walls of my living room, dining room and sunporch are painted in telescoping shades of chartreuse. I think the fabulous Blenko blue cylinder lamp would look absolutely fabulous in one of those rooms alongside my MCM decor. I love that Rejuvenation has revived this wonderul line! Thanks to Rejuvenation & RetroRenovation for this fun contest!

  5. Angie says:

    I have a lamp “problem.” I cannot resist old lighting, with a complete weakness for lamps sporting fiberglass shades. I confess to owning an original Blenko lamp in amethyst. I believe it would be happier with a mate. Or maybe that’s my addiction talking?

  6. Joni says:

    we are currently rehabbing a 1949 midcentury modern house and even stripping and refinishing steel cabinets from 1952 and the whole bit. This lamp will look awesome in the finished product!

  7. Ms. Breeze says:

    My mid-modest bungalow will be even cozier with a Blenko Lamp. I’m in love with the lamp of Harvest Gold…

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