Ski lodge colors are hot for 2013 — four colors for your knotty pine interior

[Behr seems to have taken video down – colors still good!] Behr Paint — the paint available at Home Depot — posted its 2013 color trends recently. This one, called “Apres Ski”, includes four rustic “woodland colors” that go great with high altitude soft woods like cedar, redwood and, yup, knotty pine. What goes around always comes around, and could be that the larger design world is liking the comfy, cozy woodsy again. I think that these four colors would look great in rooms panelled with or otherwise featuring knotty pine.

The first color mentioned is Pine Cone Pass, and the Behr presenter notes: “Forest Green is making a comeback.” This 1980s color has been virtually demonized in years past. But golly, what is wrong with the color of a forest! The only color in this palette that bores me is — you guessed it — the light taupe — that is: greige — called Timber Town. But yes! to: Gnome Green (love this name), Folk Song blue and Ski Patrol red “that feels as cozy as your favorite wool sweater.”

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  1. JACKIE says:

    I got a sample 8 oz. jar of the Pine Cone Pass color at Home Depot today. First, these are so new, there are no color chips for any of the the colors mentioned above, so you have to ask for it and have them look it up on the computer. I put some on the wall of my kitchen and it is very dark in color (my hubby thinks too dark) although it does dry a little bit lighter than when wet. It does not look like the green color in the video above

  2. lisa says:

    Personally I love knotty pine best with white. The gnome green and red accents are great for textiles in a knotty pine room, but I’d paint all the non-pine surfaces white.

    I’m with everyone else in loving that color name — want to find something to paint green just to buy a little can of Gnome.

    1. Michaela says:

      What color white? I’m using Devoe paint and need a good ceiling/wall color to go with the mostly knotty pine walls in my house. Please help!

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