Linen laminate counter tops, another mid century favorite

linen laminate counter tops

The most popular designs for laminate countertops in mid century America? Boomerang and glitter certainly must be near the top — but we also believe that linen laminate countertops were top sellers, too. It is easy to see why this pleasing texture would be a hit. The tone-on-tone coloration prevents counter tops from looking like a single slab ‘o color, while the “design” is neutral enough to accommodate ‘most any decor. Probably even hides the crumbs pretty well! For this story, we are able to show you seven different colorways of vintage linen laminate counter tops — taken from our recent story about the stash of vintage Wilsonart laminate samples spotted on etsy.

green linen laminate counter tops vintage-wilsonart-grey-fine-linen-laminate-countertops vintage-laminate-countertops

Update: Since it’s coming up in the Comments, here is my famous “Graveyard of the Atlantic” laminate-name story.


vintage-red-linen-laminateThe only photo of vintage linen laminate counter tops on the blog so far is this show (above) from an estate sale time capsule house that Pam visited back in 2009. Could this be Wilsonart red Irish linen laminate?

Pam says that she originally had linen laminate countertops in two of the bathrooms in her house. They were in bad shape, and were replaced with some retro look laminates available at the time.

Vintage linen laminate on the left; new Pionite on the right. Not too bad a "design" match, but colorways are very different. The market today is "greige"....
Vintage linen laminate on the left; new Pionite on the right. Not too bad a “design” match, but colorways diverge…

Several companies today make laminates they call “linen”. Check out the Pionite linen — which sort of approximates the vintage “Fine Linen” above…. Wilsonart has a new linen — but hmmm too sharpened…. And of course: See all our stories about laminates that might suit a retro remodel in our Kitchens / Countertops category here.

Readers — do you have vintage linen laminate counter tops in your kitchen or bath?

  1. Jenny says:

    Kate, any updates on linen-look laminates? Looking to replace my son’s bathroom counter and our kitchen counter and linen-look is just the ticket!

    1. pam kueber says:

      Hi Jenny, to research laminates available today you need to go through our Kitchen Help / Countertops category to see our stories and then reference back to the manufacturers/retailers to see if they are still available. I think there are a few-ish on the market today — but their colors are drab or not really vintage.

      Good luck.

  2. TL says:

    Has anyone tried using the Abode by Armstrong linens as countertops? Not sure it would hold up but I wanted to check.

  3. eamenes says:

    I think I have the Tan Irish Linen in the kitchen of the 1957 one-owner beauty I am about to close on in Fort Worth, Texas — and it’s not going anywhere. I love it.

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