Affordable midcentury modern furniture: IKEA revives the 1956 Lovebacken side table

retro-end-tableIkea is no stranger to taking inspiration from their vintage design archives — which we explored discovered in our story about their 2012 PS collection. This time, instead of simply being influenced from the past, they have revived it. Their new LOVEBACKEN side table is a nearly exact replica of the 1956 model the LOVET. This table was one of the first flat pack pieces that Ikea manufactured, a practice that is told to have started when the Lovet’s designer Gillis Lundgren removed the table’s legs in order to fit it into his car.

ikea-lovbacken-tableThe LOVEBACKEN table went on sale in U.S. stores this summer, retailing for $59.99. With features like a distinctive grain pattern in the veneer top and plastic feet that protect against scratched floors, this mid century design revival would be a welcome addition to any retro or modern home — at a very affordable price.

From the Ikea Family Magazine:

In 1956, the LÖVET side table began the flatpack revolution when IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad and designer Gillis Lundgren unscrewed its legs so they could fit it into a car. Now it’s back, renamed LÖVBACKEN. ‘It’s good to delve into the treasure chest of our design history,’ says Peter Safranek, Living Room Range Communicator. ‘It’s classic ’50s design. The leaf-shape top, angled legs… It’s a beauty.’

You can read more about the history of this design and see vintage catalog pictures in the story about Ikea LOVEBACKEN on the Daily Mail’s website.

mid-century-end-tableMega thanks to Facebook follower Carole for tipping us off to this story!

  1. Anusha says:

    We have one! I It’s next to our genuine mid century armchair (one of those chairs with springs for a rocking motion, don’t know their proper name), which I’ve draped two Ikea sheepskins on because we can’t afford to get it reupholstered right now … lol! Anyway, the table is absolutely adorable and goes perfectly with all our furniture!

  2. Scott says:

    I saw one of these in person yesterday at the IKEA in Cincinnati and it was quite attractive. Usually when it comes to new “hard pieces” of furniture I’m extremely lukewarm but I feel completely different about a faithful reissue of a vintage piece.

    I do wish it had been at price point more like $49 than $60 though, I’d probably have impulse-bought a pair without even thinking about it.

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