Welcome to all the voters — and potential new readers — coming over to take a look during finals week of the Apartment Therapy Homies Awards. I’ve been blogging here daily for more than six years — and recently Kate became my first employee. Together, we have a laser focus on helping owners of mid-century homes — “mid-century modern” and “mid-century modest” alike — as well those who simply love the vintage — to find the resources they need to get their projects done. Need a retro style sink? Toilet? Wallpaper? How about: Inspiration to see how it all was done? Or, how others are preserving-restoring-recreating these looks? This is what we are all about! We provide this help daily on this blog — and carefully archive all the information in Categories in our navigation in the blue bar above. Oh and did I mention: We play super nice here — it’s a warm, welcoming community — 52,000+ active Facebook fans, too — and we have some major fun! Maybe we can help you find what you’re looking for, too? Here’s a little Best Of, but seriously, how can we choose? xoxo Pam

We’re prone to getting “epic”. See this epic research — 216 mid mod sofas from 31 companies
We have 80+ amazing time capsule houses in our archive — most came from tips from readers.
The more obscure — the more we love the challenge. We can tell you right where to get a pastel color toilet, new. Oh, did I mention, my other blog is the famousish Save The Pink Bathrooms.
We can point you where to find 24 colors of boomerang laminate made today. Do you know what a “hudee” ring is? We have that, too…
Kate built a Mamie pink bathroom from scratch — and chronicled every detail
My kitchen remodel was epic, too. I salvaged my 1963 Geneva kitchen cabinets from a former cooking school run by nuns
The New York Times took notice — and wrote a full page story about the blog and our awesome community, yeehaw!.
Our readers send us photos and tips all the live long day. See Cullen, the Crown Prince of Kitsch’s house here. (We got him in the New York Times, too!) 
money pit
I am a journalist by training. I am passionate about: creating original content, requesting photo permissions, giving big fat named hotlinks and spreading lotsa link love, very conspicuously marking sponsored posts [I’ve only ever done one (1), no others pitched my way made sense], very visibly showing readers affiliate links and oh yeah, I am very passionate about calling out marketing machine craziness. Re the crazy: Remodeling our house is NOT a “good investment” in the 401K sense… Read my analysis… Then, make your own decision, and think carefully before opening your pocketbook. I am frugal. And I do not want to be constantly worried about money. Maybe this is most fundamentally why I like to buy used and vintage… and… why I believe that if you have a vintage home, it makes most sense, if you need to renovate a kitchen or bathroom or other costly part of the house, to renovate it in a way that is sympathetic to its original architectural bones. I believe this is a wise approach to spending: No matter what kind of space you create, it’s going to be “dated” — so, especially if it’s an expensive update: Resist today’s trends, they are by definition, ephemeral — and instead, aim to date your renovation to the date of your house. Yes, I believe in saving as much money as you can: “Updating” a house’s interior every 10 or 20 years to satisfy the dictates of fascion is one of the bullets under the definition of economic (not to mention environmental) madness, to me. That’s this blog, in a nut. 

  1. Andi says:

    I hope the “Homies” awards bring a lot of new readers! A tad worried…I didn’t realize (or rather, remember—I did realize it) the first vote was a “nomination” and NOW we all need to actually cast our VOTE for RetroRenovation, which is #2 in the Top 10!

    Just tooled over there casually to see the list again, and realized that now I could vote…which I did, of course.

    Maybe it’s just me…short memory, easily confused…but a “Vote Now” somewhere visible may not be amiss!!

  2. Renee Yancy says:

    Pam, I found a great new site for both vintage and reproduction atomic era barkcloth: http://www.sputniksstation.com

    The site owner is named Rebecca and she has 1,000 panels of barkcloth she is selling on her website. Thought you might want to check her out.

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