Vintage Stanley Furniture Theme II line — 10 page catalog from the company’s archives

Maltese finish “…like that of a frosted silver blue mink.”

vintage-stanley-furniture theme II lineNext up in our continuing series of vintage 1960s Stanley Furniture catalogs scanned by the company exclusively for Retro Renovation: Here is a 10-page catalog of the “Theme II” line. This is a very decorative design — the applied swirlies make it easily recognizable (assuming there no knockoffs.)

stanley heritage theme II triple dresserAbove: In my original story about Stanley Furniture, I reported on a recent project by the company today to collect vintage examples of some of their beautiful old designs and completely refurbish them for sale at major industry trade shows. In this example, Stanley stained the Theme II dresser darker and lacquered the door and drawers. This is a popular look today.

Two stain finishes for vintage Stanley Theme II furniture

Theme II furniture was finished with pecan veneers. And the catalog describes two original stain colors available for the Stanley Furniture Theme II line. One of them — Maltese — “…like that of a frosted silver blue mink” — sounds like what we call “pickling” today. I think. Golly, I would LOVE to see that one. From the catalog:

Theme II is offered in two new and exciting colors — Maltese and Pecan. The unusual color of Maltese, like that of a frosted silver blue mink, has a feeling of freshness and the attitude of acceptance. The Pecan finish is a mellow warm brown color which brings out the richness of the Pecan veneers….”

“The attitude of acceptance”? I am feeling a “Keeping up with Joneses” vibe from this copywriter. Resist! Resist! Resist! Damned copywriters!

Vintage-Stanley-Theme-II-bedAbove: Yet… How were they supposed to describe this?

Knowledgeable readers schooled in the history of design, can you venture: Under what category are we supposed to classify this style design? This line reminds me of Broyhill Brasilia… except it (Theme II) is done with a heavier hand.

What fun! Many thanks to Stanley Furniture for providing these wonderful archival materials!

What a wonderful addition to  our archive of vintage Furniture Catalogs!

Slide show of Stanley Furniture Theme II furniture line:

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  1. Cynthia says:

    Allen (and Pam, too) – thanks so much for your input. I will probably follow Allen’s suggestion and not do the lacquer. Pam’s right, it’s not a DIY project and also probably very expensive in my locale to have it done professionally. The wood still looks good after more than 50 years and needs only a few touch-ups here and there.

  2. Jamie D. says:

    If the wood is in good condition, I would leave it alone.

    I have a full suite of Broyhill Emphasis and if you need to touch up some spots, I’ve gotten very good results using Howard’s Restor-a-Finish in Walnut, followed by Feed-n-Wax.

  3. Cynthia says:

    Jamie D, thanks, and I bought some Howard’s Restor-a-Finish, which I’d previously read about on Pam’s site…thanks for the confirmation that the walnut works well on the Emphasis finish!

  4. Joe Felice says:

    Is this Stanley the same company that sold Stanley Home Products back in the day? Remember how-many products were sold door-to-door? Furniture with filagree on it makes me nervous when I think about trying to dust it. Same with dark-topped furniture.

  5. Nicole says:

    Thank you for the resources here! I have the Stanley Theme II Chest Two-door, and am in the final steps of stripping off someone’s latex paint job over the entire piece… even the original hardware. The wood is solid pecan. They just don’t make pieces like this anymore. The swirls are fabulous and solid, yet the design is intricate and delicate. The interior is roomy, functional, and feels huge!
    It is definitely a labor of love restoration process. I even reached out to Stanley to see if they had any photos or resources but they had zero. Again, many thanks!

  6. Angela Lee says:

    I have an entire bedroom of furniture. 2 end nightstands, dresser and mirror, gentlemans armoire. Stanley Furniture Theme II Maltese finish. All pieces are stamped and numbered. How do I find out when these pieces were produced?

  7. Pam Kueber says:

    Hi, Angela, I suggest you reach out to Stanley Furniture directly to see if the company can help.

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