vintage-moe-lights-NOSSome delectable eye candy for our TGIF: Stunning New Old Stock vintage Moe lighting from Alia, owner of Etsy shop Morning Glory Moderne. Alia discovered all of these vintage lights — much of them in unopened boxes — along with many other vintage goodies like hardware, coffee makers, TV trays and more in the back of an old hardware shop. Cleaning up these vintage finds and listing them in her shop has been a labor of love for Alia, who is surely living every mid-century picker’s dream as she uncovers more fabulous finds within the stash on a daily basis.


Alia writes:

So, the hardware store is a small town hardware store that’s been owned for generations by the same family. I did an estate sale for these folks, got to be friends with them, and they asked me and my other friend to sell their inventory. We almost died when we went up there. I’m not exaggerating.  Stacks of Moes, and just anything you can think of –  NOS TV trays, coffee makers, dishes, tap lites, hardware from 1920s through the 70s, NOS lunch boxes — anything a hardware store sold back in the day. It’s dirty, there are mice, it’s under tons of other stuff, and it’s pretty much heaven for people like me.  About 60% of these lights are in the original box, but opened. Most have instructions; some have the hardware. I couldn’t figure it out.

hardware-storeAfter talking to some of the older folks at the hardware store, what I’m pretty sure happened is that the father of the owner (who is in his 60s) bought out an old lighting store that went out of business. I’m pretty sure the opened ones were used for display. For “truth in advertising,” I’m not listing those as NOS, but saying they are display pieces. The others are certainly NOS and unopened.

vintage-moe-pendant-lightJust look at the lines of this fun and playful pendant light — adorable, don’t you think?

midcentury-moe-kitchen-pendant mid-century-moe-light-wiremid-century-moe-lightUFO-retro-moe-light

The shape, the repetition, and the elegant design of this UFO style light make it a true work of art — what I wouldn’t give to have this hanging in my kitchen.

mid-century-retro-light retro-atomic-UFO-kitchen-lightMoe-UFO-lightUFO--light-finial moe-string-light-vintageThis ceiling lamp is amazing — I love the use of string in the design — pure perfection if you ask me.

mid-century-string-light mid-century-ceiling-light retro-string-light-Moe mid-century-retro-pole-light vintage-pole-light retro-wire-pole-lightThis pole light is to-die-for. The mix of shiny metal and natural rope shades with accents of black is so classy and sophisticated.

mid-century-pole-light retro-starburst-ceiling-light starburst-light atomic-UFO-ceiling-light mid-century-mod-ceiling-light mid-century-UFO-light-retro UFO-ceiling-light-mid-century retro-wall-sconce-moe moe-midcentury-wall-sconceLook at the profile of this wall sconce. I love the architectural qualities of these lights.

mid-century-wall-sconce mid-century-kitchen-light-fixture vintage-kitchen-light-fixtureThe crackle finish on this kitchen light is unlike anything I’ve seen before. Kind of a mix of shabby chic and midcentury modern.

mid-century-crackle-light retro-Moe-glitter-light midcentury-moe-orb-light mid-century-ball-light vintage-moe-gravel-lightThis globe light looks to be coated with some sort of gravel art like substance. Talk about texture.

bullet-light retro-bullet-light midcentury-moe-honeycomb-pendant-lightWe’ve written about vintage Moe honeycomb lights before. What a lovely example this one is.

Moe-honeycomb-light-blue-and-green Vintage-Honeycomb-light-moe sparkle-retro-wall-sconce mid-century-moe-wall-sconceThis wall sconce would look amazing in a midcentury bathroom with its chrome band around the base and sparkly edges.

Mega thanks to Alia for sharing these fabulous photos of her finds with us. If you’re interested in purchasing one of these beauties, all of these fabulous vintage lights and more are up for sale in Alia’s Etsy shop Morning Glory Moderne. 

Note: We’re not gettin’ any money or anything for posting this. We just love showing — and being permitted to forever-archive — these photos. 

  1. Ben Primovic says:

    Hi, i recently found a beautiful Moe Lamp in parts. Hanging light with 6 opalescent arms and places for opalescent style glass feathers as ornamental pieces which go through it. I’m missing a opalescent stem or hollow tube which extends from the bottom of the light to the top where it goes to the ceiling. Do you have any opalescent pieces for moe lamps hanging around. If you email me back i’ll send you pictures of this light, i have the original box, its exquisite or send me your text number and i can send them that way easier.

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