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vintage viking shipsReaders uploaded 257 photos in the uploader this weekend — fabulous stuff! Uploader now closed, thanks for playing!  Above: You may remember these fantastic vintage Viking ships from our story profiling Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s Antiques on Second antique mall. Since our trip, Pam has been prodding me to return and buy them for myself. With The Hukilau on the horizon, I’ve been getting deeper and deeper into tiki decor — with the hopes of building my own tiki bar in our basement someday — and finally I caved on the ships. It is never too soon to start collecting, right?

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  1. Janet in Kansas says:

    To the poster who just bought that 1957 MCM house in pic 125, congratulations – what a gorgeous home, lucky you! At least you’ll know where to turn when you have decorating questions! 🙂

  2. K. Montano says:

    Anyone recognize the glass shade with kitchen utensils on the light fixture in picture 19? I have not been able to find a maker or one like it. I actually just attached the shade to the existing fixture in my kitchen, but would like to figure out what kind of fixture it was originally attached to so I can restore it.

      1. K. Montano says:

        Thanks Pam!

        I have never seen one like it anywhere ever! I have searched old catalogs, Retro-Renovation, countless hours on eBay and Etsy and many, many other websites and never have found one other example. I am starting to think it was custom made for a restaurant or something. I would just like to find it somewhere so I can install it the way it was intended.

  3. Karen says:

    What wonderful finds!
    JD Log – love the pastel kitchen, especially the pink sink. Never seen one, have to keep my eyes open:)
    Robin NV – is the countertop yellow? I’m looking for something in the yellow, light lime green spectrum.

    1. J D Log says:

      Hi Karen
      Thanks, Naco made these porcelain sinks in Australia up until 1962. I got this one from e bay from an old brothel they were bulldozing and got it restored. Just got to do the splash backs with vintage tiles and get a Curtin made for under the sink. It has taken me 4 years so far.

  4. marya says:

    I really enjoy these uploader posts. I learn something new every time. I added the bar stools that we got at a flea market, and the photo of our vintage kitchen wallpaper.

    I’m new to this site, my husband and I just bought a 1964 brick ranch in southwest Virginia that has a time capsule kitchen and master bath (the previous owner gutted the guest bath but my neighbor told me that it was pink. Sad that we missed the opportunity to save a pink bathroom.)

    When we moved in, our first thought was to save our money to makeover the kitchen, with its birch plywood cabinets, boomerang copper handles, and gold-flecked formica. Now we have kind of fallen in love with our retro kitchen.

    The kitchen wallpaper is busier than I would have chosen, but it is really beautiful. It’s missing or damaged in a few places (the previous owners removed a non-functioning baseboard heater that was original to the house, leaving a bare spot about 8 feet by 18 inches. I also – ahem – started tearing at a spot of wallpaper to see how easy it was to remove, before I fully embraced the “love the house you’re in” motto. Sorry, don’t hate me!

    So we are in a quandary. I hate to throw away vintage wallpaper when I know so many people yearn for it, but I can’t imagine we will find an exact match for the damaged places. The paper actually came up pretty easily, so I’m now considering whether I can try to peel some off without damaging it, in order to reuse elsewhere. Anyone have advice on whether that is even possible?

    Anyway, that is a lot of info no one asked for, but I’m just excited to have found a community that cares as much as I do about respecting the character of the house you’re in.

    1. Kristy H. says:

      Have you tried looking for matching wallpaper on eBay or Etsy? If you can’t find a match maybe you can find something you like even better while you’re looking!
      Love the barstools!

    2. Lisa Compo says:

      Welcome to the Retro Reno bunch. I’ve been an “addict” for over 2 years now. 🙂 I have learned so much and passed so many happy hours reading this site. I don’t have a mid century house, but I retro decorate as much as I can in my 1997 suburb home. My kitchen is a little retro with my Frigidaire Flair, 1958 toaster, curtains etc…Someday we are going to build a new “old” house with all period decor.

      You might be able to submit pictures of your kitchen to Design Dilemma and then we can all comment on ways you can get around your wallpaper problem. It might be as easy as decorating around the missing parts or you never know…someone might have a roll for sale on Ebay.

      This is a really fun site, the more time you spend here the more you want to read it all. 🙂 There is a facebook page too if you didn’t know, and you can upload pictures all the time there. Glad you saved your retro kitchen I hope we get to see more of it.

        1. Lisa Compo says:

          You are very welcome, Pam. You have made my day so many times. It’s always fun when a new person shows up and tells us about their house, and all of the unique things in it. We are sort of a little family here, and you I guess are either the Mom or the Queen–which ever you prefer. LOL The work you and Kate put into this site delights so many people world-wide, for that we are all blessed. 🙂

      1. marya says:

        Thanks so much for the welcome, and thanks for the tips, y’all!

        I have skimmed through ebay and etsy for vintage wallpaper, but haven’t found a match. Not even sure what to search for really, since I don’t know the manufacturer or the year it was made. I might submit photos for a Design Dilemma just for some help. I wish there were a “tell me about my house” feature, where I could crowd-source some knowledge about the fixtures and architecture. Just browsing this site has educated me so much – for instance my kind-of grody old cabinet pulls are actually selling for $5 a piece on etsy, all shined up! They are not “dated,” they are of a particular date, and that date is 1964.

        I did not know there was a Facebook page – joined! This is a really fun site, and, being a thrifty and green sort of person, I appreciate Pam’s philosophy of not wasting money or resources on trendy new items just to fit in with a crowd. 🙂

    3. K. Montano says:

      If you can’t find your wallpaper, Spoonflower has some really nice retro wallpapers. You can also create your own print on Spoonflower and have it printed on wallpaper.

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