257 reader photos of vintage treasures and house projects

vintage viking shipsReaders uploaded 257 photos in the uploader this weekend — fabulous stuff! Uploader now closed, thanks for playing!  Above: You may remember these fantastic vintage Viking ships from our story profiling Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s Antiques on Second antique mall. Since our trip, Pam has been prodding me to return and buy them for myself. With The Hukilau on the horizon, I’ve been getting deeper and deeper into tiki decor — with the hopes of building my own tiki bar in our basement someday — and finally I caved on the ships. It is never too soon to start collecting, right?

Check out the gallery of reader photos:

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  1. Aaron M says:

    Thanks, Kristy! Found that at vintage sale in Iowa City. The other two pieces are Alexander Calder lithographs from his “Flying Colors” collection for Braniff Airways.

  2. Lisa Compo says:

    You are very welcome, Pam. You have made my day so many times. It’s always fun when a new person shows up and tells us about their house, and all of the unique things in it. We are sort of a little family here, and you I guess are either the Mom or the Queen–which ever you prefer. LOL The work you and Kate put into this site delights so many people world-wide, for that we are all blessed. 🙂

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