257 reader photos of vintage treasures and house projects

vintage viking shipsReaders uploaded 257 photos in the uploader this weekend — fabulous stuff! Uploader now closed, thanks for playing!  Above: You may remember these fantastic vintage Viking ships from our story profiling Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s Antiques on Second antique mall. Since our trip, Pam has been prodding me to return and buy them for myself. With The Hukilau on the horizon, I’ve been getting deeper and deeper into tiki decor — with the hopes of building my own tiki bar in our basement someday — and finally I caved on the ships. It is never too soon to start collecting, right?

Check out the gallery of reader photos:

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      1. Kelly K. says:

        I love that owl cookie jar too! I want to find an aqua or turquoise one for my kitchen. Love all the pics you posted too, especially the deer.

    1. Aaron M says:

      Thanks, Kristy! Found that at vintage sale in Iowa City. The other two pieces are Alexander Calder lithographs from his “Flying Colors” collection for Braniff Airways.

  1. Manon Fournier says:

    I love looking at those pictures! Everything is so cool! I’ve just come back from a yard sale and I found an ice crusher exactly like the ones in the pic: 1$!! I think we’ll be making some ice coffee this summer!

    1. Lynn from St. Louis says:

      Great purchase price on the ice crusher. I bought the yellow one at a Retro specialty re-sale shop for $20. Got the black one at an estate sale for $3.

      1. Manon Fournier says:

        I think the yellow one is well worth the price, ‘cos it’s yellow! I was happy to see your pictures before going to that yard sale, because I don’t think I would have bought it and I sure would have regret it!

  2. Janet in Kansas says:

    That Adrian Pearsall chair and ottoman, I’m sick with envy – what a beauty! Want, want, want!

  3. sara says:

    Betsy with the Stanley table and chairs – this table looks so similar to the one I just purchased! I’m going to upload a picture in just a minute. I can’t tell if yours has the same design on the top of the legs, which you’ll be able to see in my picture. I have not been able to identify my table though. But the shape of the top is the same. What kind of markings does yours have on the bottom? Mine has old paperboard tags that say Table 517, Cutting No. 62. And also like yours, mine has 3 leaves, one of which fits under the table on this metal contraption. Do you think we could both have Stanley tables?

  4. K. Montano says:

    I have the same Stanley dining room set as in picture 92, which is not seen well in my dining room in picture #21. Love it!

    1. sara says:

      Do you think it could be the same as my table in picture 54? I’m just dying to know what my table is. I’ll love it just the same even if it remains a mystery, but it would be so interesting to know who made it.

      1. K. Montano says:

        Sara, I don’t think so. Quite frankly, your table is much nicer than mine. The tabletop is the same shape, however, yours looks to be wood and mine is a laminate (love the laminate for wear, but I like wood better). The table base is also different. I will upload a better picture of my dining table.

        1. sara says:

          Aw darn, I was hoping for a match 🙂 Yes, mine is wood, but I’m so paranoid about damaging it that I almost wish it was laminate! I am tempted to keep the pads on it all the time just to ensure nothing happens to it. Whoever owned it before took very good care of it, that’s for sure. Interesting that the shape is similar though.

          1. Sara,

            I had a thought that maybe it is a Stanley piece, but maybe a higher end line? My fiance and I are actually thinking of doing a wood veneer on our tabletop when and if we actually have any money left after retro-renovating our 1961 ranch. 🙂 I will keep on the lookout for your table. I tend to be somewhat of a bulldog when it comes to finding things!

  5. K. Montano says:

    The Adrian Pearsall Lounge Chair and Ottoman is gorgeous! Would love to have one! If only I had the room!

  6. Justin in Phoenix says:

    I don’t know how I missed this until this morning(06/02/14).
    Some neat pictures. I did add a few pictures. I’m currently at work, but if this is still running, when I get home, I’m going to post pictures of my “new” sectional sofa.

    1. Amy A says:


      #1 Am lovin’ your outdoor kitchen! What a great party place. Can’t leave metal outside like that here in Florida, but if I had a big air conditioned porch…..

      #2 Digging your collections, too. For some of us, certain ‘things’ are like potato chips…..you can’t have just one!!

      #3 We share a love of the charcoal boomerang. I have it in my kitchen proper. It always gets comments.

      Thanks for sharing your very cool stuff,

      Amy A (the girl in the cherry print skirt)

  7. Diane in CO says:

    Lynn in St. Louis — I just adore your tension lamp with the ceramic shades. Makes a great statement in your living room. Who is the manufacturer of that? It’s wonderful.

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