ebay-200-button100sFLOWER235I have 200 Saved Searches on ebay, and every morning I scour them for the top items that I think (1) might be helpful to you in completing your Retro Renovation projects, (2) may be deals if you are a collector, or (3) are just plain doggone wonderful or odd. I’m not saying they are all necessary great buys or anything — do your own research! Disclosure: We may earn a spiff from ebay if you buy anything — this is part of how we keep the blog boat afloat.

Pam’s curated lists:

#1 — NOS and other finds


#2 — Yes, even more

  1. Kathryn says:

    I made that very sampler:
    Rare Vintage Crewel Pillow Or Pic EMBROIDERY Sampler Mid Century Modern 1979 E

    It’s not crewel, it’s needlepoint! You used your own initial and date. Mine was from 1976. I framed it–time to get it back out, I think!

  2. Joe Felice says:

    Look at you go, girl! You outdid yourself this week–found some seriously-cool stuff. Did you have to sneak your laptop into the hospital? Better watch out–they might take it away from you! But one thing’s for sure: They can’t keep you down!

  3. marciamarciamarcia says:

    Hi Pam, love your site. I clicked on your eBay lists though, and 0 items came up. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!

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