Crushed to death under the weight of her own to-do list

aka “Do you want a cork for that whine?”

vintage-dollhouse-3 - Copy All my crazy is all my own fault. No matter which direction I turn, there are sirens calling, “Do this! Do that! You can do it! Take on another project! More! More! More!”

vintage-dollhouse-1I don’t spend a lot of money.

vintage colonial dolhouseThat’s not the problem.

vintage-dollhouse-11I accumulate… crafty projects and writing projects and volunteer stuff and, of course, the never-ending house maintenance and decorating projects.

vintage-dollhouse-10And then you are moving too fast and get careless and break your arm by taking a flying leap off a spaghetti light and need surgery and then endless sessions of physical therapy.

vintage-dollhouse-6Normal American daily life stuff that is kind of… banal… but kind of… miraculous, the lifeblood of your very life.

vintage-dollhouse-7But which also is sisyphean (yes, I had to look up how to spell that) and all my own doing because I really don’t *need* to take on a bunch of it.

vintage-dollhouse-9It’s just that…

vintage-dollhouse-19… There are those sirens calling, “Do this! Do that! You can do it! Take on another project! More! More! More!”

vintage-dollhouse-2And now, to keep up with Katiedynamodoodle, I have a vintage estate sale dollhouse of my own to decorate.

Follow my complete series about restoring my circa-1940 Neely-Hall dollhouse

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