[Entries now closed] Win a NOS Hall-Mack Conceal-A-Roll toilet paper holder

vintage conceal-a-roll toilet paper holderUPDATE: Congratulations to our winner, Vanessa, whose number came up and is new owner-soon-to-be of this TP delight! ENTRIES NOW CLOSED. Thanks to everyone for all the wonderful bathroom stories! I think I will do a round-up of my favorites – ’twill be hard to choose! We’re giving away a rare and wonderful vintage toilet paper holder. <– Seriously: Where else on the interblogs would you ever read that sentence? This giveaway is made possible by Renovation Goddess Christy in Bellevue, WA, who scored it at the Goodwill and is excited to see it go to a happy home. 

vintage conceal-a-roll toilet paper holderThis toilet tale started when Christy emailed us, spinning a wonderful web of prose around this recessed revelation:

Dear P & K,

Tonight at Goodwill I rescued a Hall Mack Conceal-a-roll device, never installed, no box but has paper instruction sheet which says “printed in USA 10/76. I’d like to give it to a special someone: My ’90s craftsman doesn’t deserve it!

Do you want it… or know someone who does? I’d love to be the Renovation Goddess making someone’s dream come true.

Notice the “later” Hall Mack logo.  Design appears identical to older models.

I only paid $5.99 and am just too lazy to go the selling route. Being generous is a bigger thrill for me than making money! The reward for me is placing something fabulous in its rightful recessed slot in the universe.

— Christy in Bellevue, WA

From this story about 18 vintage Hall-Mack chrome accessory thingies

vintage conceal-a-roll toilet paper holdervintage conceal-a-roll toilet paper holderIs Christy really sure she wants to give this away? I’ve seen them sell for like $500 on ebay. I write back to her:

Wow, Christy,
How sweet of you. We can do a giveaway on the blog. Do you realize this is worth some dough re mi on ebay right now? I think I even recall one selling for $200 $500? Tempting to the Goddess to go for the cash?

But if you want to go the karma route, heck yeah, I’ll do it with you! I will pay the shipping. How about that?

— Pam

 collage-of-vintage-findsAnd Christy replied:

Karma wins.

I’ll accept your gift of shipping costs. Money in my mythical vintage rescue fund!

Bellevue, WA, is a few suburbs east of Seattle. Lots of little starter homes from Boeing influx in 50s & 60s. The techie influx (reflux?) is encroaching on the modest to make way for McMansions.

At least this mighty Conceal-a Roll was set free! It’s crazy sturdy & solid… thick chrominess, honest galvanizing and satisfying thunky hinge.

See above pic for last night’s other Goodwill finds. Lotsa pepper still in the anthropomorphic fork. The House Beautiful August 1960 issue analyzes Japanese aesthetic. Shibui=unostentatious beauty. Ironically accompanied by ads for French Provincial switch plates!! I’m now searching for more Midwinter Staffordshire… maybe still in the back at Goodwill???

I found your blog awhile ago and am reading it in order from Day One (like my Netflix Columbo binge!)  Your daily drops of  Beauti-Vue make my synaesthetic senses reel!

Yay, Pam and Kate!


How to enter to win the Conceal-A-Roll toilet paper holder:

  1. To win, you must be a subscriber to our newsletter  (Yes, this is “what’s in it for the blog” — you can opt out at any time after the contest ends.)
  2. To enter, use the Comment field on this post below and tell us a funny bathroom story. Or why you think we’re so fascinated by toilets and bathrooms. Or how about, a toilet poem. Or story. Or whatever. We’re giving away a woddity toilet paper holder!
  3. One entry per person. Lower 48 U.S. delivery addresses only.
  4. Entries close on Thursday, Oct. 8, around 5 p.m. Eastern— that is, we will lock down the Comments field at that time.
  5. Prize: The Hall-Mack Nutone Conceal-A-Roll toilet paper holder shown here.
  6. We will choose the winner via the Random Number Generator at random.org.  We will email that person. [Tip: Be sure you enter your email address correctly in the email field of the Comment form.] The winner will have five business days to respond. If we do not hear from them, we will choose the next person who commented. Lather, rinse, repeat. We will post the winner’s first name as soon as all is confirmed.
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Many thanks, Christy! May the Retro Decoration Gods smile upon you all your days.

  1. Mag says:

    Wish I had some pithy comment or fun story about bathroom life, but other than walking in on folks, my stories are rather non-existent. 😛

  2. Kathleen says:

    Oh how I wish I had a TP hide-y hole TP Roller.
    It looks very similar to what my parents have in their 1950 Ranch house that I am currently having repaired from a broken water pipe. Now I need to go check the bathrooms and see if there is one of these bad-boys already in there, maybe in the Powder room:?? If not, this would be a beautiful edition to my parent’s lovely home. I love my 1950’s bathroom, I prefer even older, but the tile addict in me is happy with this whole era.

  3. Christine Smith says:

    We purchased a camp in upstate New York that came with a 10×47 1963 trailer, complete with pink bathroom. We have almost finished renovating the bathroom, but funny to say, we have not put the toilet paper holder back on the wall. The paper currently sits on the back of the toilet tank. don’t you think this holder would be the crowning touch??! Here’s hoping you pick my number!

  4. Kimberley says:

    Oh be still my heart! Beautiful MCM Bliss and practical too!
    Three years ago I rescued(with my strong neighbors help!) a pair of
    1963 vintage American Standard toilets and sink in wonderful
    condition. One set pink and the other that beautiful aqua!
    My new neighbors were remodeling their home and just left the fixtures at the street — they had no idea what loveliness they were
    casting aside! I would absolutely love to pair the toilet paper
    holder up with the vintage fixtures! Thanks! LOVE your newsletter!!

  5. Arti-Rene Knight says:

    Well! This is probably the only place where people might appreciate this story. Remember the saying, “I’m taking my Morning Constitutional”? It referred to the right for folks to walk wherever they liked, and people used it to describe their daily walk.
    My brother and I used to argue over the one-and-only bathroom in the house, just like Ralphie and his brother did in “A Christmas Story”.
    I finally told my little brother that being able to be in the bathroom was called taking my “Morning Constitutional”, which meant being able to be in the bathroom without being bothered by others in the family. I said, “The Founding Fathers put it in the Constitution!” That’s why they call it the “Morning Constitutional! He believed it, for a while.

  6. pam kueber says:

    Congrats to reader Vanessa. The random chose her number, she is a newsletter subscriber, and now: Soon-to-be owner of the NOS Conceal-A-Roll! She will surely think of us all every time she … wait. TMI.

    tee hee

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