vintage safety poster from mitzi of vintage goodness = happinessLead – in lots of places
Asbestos – in lots of places
Electrical Safety
Glass Safety
Window Treatment Cord Safety
And more — I am not the Expert — Consult with a Professional!

Precautionary Pam starting out yet another year with this critical reminder: Renovating and remodeling our mid century homes can be fun galore, but PLEASE ALWAYS REMEMBER, there are many known hazards in surfaces, layers and materials that you need to take personal responsibility to become knowledgeable about, so that you can make informed decisions about how to handle. I sometimes feel like I am a nagging broken record bringing this up all the time, but here goes again, another big reminder to start the year: 

We all care very much about managing environmental and safety issues properly, so when moving into a home and when undertaking your restoration projects, be sure to familiarize yourself with and use recommended best practices. There can be any number of environmental and/or safety issues in our old houses. For example, the EPA hosts a website on lead in the home and a website on asbestos in the home. Consult professionals regarding these materials and others, and also about the proper disposal of debris, etc.

Some other resources regarding potential lead hazards in the home:

  • —  a joint effort of the Ad Council, the Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the Coalition to End Childhood Lead Poisoning. That’s their video at the top.

Other potential issues — and do not consider this a comprehensive list, as I am not an expert in the continually developing area of environmental and safety hazards in the home — include:

  • Wiring and fire safety in the house as well as in lighting and appliances…
  • Ensuring the glass in windows, patio doors and shower doors is Safe…
  • Ensuring Drapery cords are Safe…
  • Ensuring latches on old furniture and appliances are Safe…
  • Lead and asbestos in all kinds of locations…
  • Radon….
  • AND — there are many design/building code issues that are safety-related, in particular. We have building codes for a reason — safety-related ones likely because someone got hurt, or worse. Environmental/materials ones for good reasons, too.

Plus, see our page: Be Safe / Renovate Safe

Gosh, I don’t want to be a nervous nellie or debbie downer, but You are an Adult Now. It is your personal responsibility to become informed about all these issues and to GET AND CONSULT WITH YOUR OWN PROPERLY LICENSED PROFESSIONALS so that you can make informed decisions. Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish when it comes to your and your family’s safety and health. Thank you.

Thanks to Mitzi of Vintage Goodness fame for permission to feature her vintage safety poster, which was for sale (subsequently sold) on 

  1. Katie says:

    In a world where everyone fancies themselves a DIY-er (especially amongst bloggers!), it’s refreshing to see an advocate for safe, thorough, economical, and ecologically friendly remodeling. Here’s to doing things “the hard way”!

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