Boomerang laminate samples of our new collection — “Retro Renovation® by Wilsonart” — now available


Howdy, hudee — Wilsonart has started rolling out samples of the new boomerang laminates we designed in collaboration with Wilsonart are now available as samples. As of this moment, two colors are available. All colorways: Samples now available!

retro-renovation-by-wilsonart-laminateNote, there are other boomerang colorways already in Wilsonart’s collection — “ours” are the one with that happy little “Retro Renovation®” in the name. The tone-on-tone pastels, above. Who’s ordering samples? We’re excited to know!

To order the samples:

Read all the stories about the new collection, “Retro Renovation® by Wilsonart,” here.

Disclosure: I want readers to know: I do not make money if you buy this laminate; “the deal” that I have with Wilsonart includes other elements of consideration. For example, on Feb. 1 they will launch an advertisement on the blog, for which Retro Renovation is compensated. So, I do not have any incremental financial reason to promote the laminates in this collection over other options — see all our research on countertop options to find the product that’s right for you! – Publisher Pam.

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