Cute midcentury modern style shed on sale now

midcentury-modern-shed-costcoTime for everyone to be thinking outdoors! Thanks to reader Marc for this tip: This cute little midcentury modern shed (or playhouse? Or outdoor office?) — the “Aston” — is currently on sale for $999 through May 29 — shipping to your door included — via Costco. It’s not a biggie, just 10′ x 7’5″, and it appears you must assemble it. But it’s a cutie, for sure. See this link to the product listing page for all the details and be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to construct it safely.

  1. Larry Ferguson says:

    Long time reader, first time commenting. My wife and I bought this shed 6 months ago to replace a falling down rusted out metal shed. We think it is absolutely fantastic. It looks great and the materials are good quality. It doesn’t come with a roof but I bought shingles to do it for about $150 usd. Metal might be even less.
    I had a a concrete slab already poured so I was very lucky. Fwiw, I wouldn’t think any shed would come with a foundation.
    The shed pieces are labeled really well. I hired a friend to help me build it. We used a nail gun instead of using the supplied nails which made it go faster but added a bit of expense.
    We think it looks great with our 1959 rambler and I painted it a matching turquoise.

    1. Cysco says:

      Awesome! I ordered one. Should be here next week.

      Were you and your friend able to assemble it in the suggested two-day time period? Anything I should be aware of before putting it together?

      1. Larry Ferguson says:

        It took two full days. I’m reasonably handy and my friend is very handy. I helped him basically.

        I found it helpful to unpack everything and sort it out, makes things go quicker. Also, look thru the instructions before starting to get a clear idea of how its going to go.

        1. Larry Ferguson says:

          Also, I really recommend the nail gun if you can access one. As u said, it adds a little expense as you have to purchase the nails but it makes things go a LOT faster.

  2. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Five years ago, we tore down one in the back yard that looked almost exactly like this one! The floor had rotted, critters had got inside, and the whole thing was covered with what looked liked romantic ivy vines but was actually poison ivy. This shed would be a great replacement, but not this year.

  3. JaniceW says:

    Just ordered this (using my neighbor’s Costco membership)!

    I won’t be assembling it until August at the earliest, unfortunately.

  4. Scott says:

    That’s really a great looking shed and I could definitely use the extra space.

    If anyone happens to buy one of these I’d love to hear how the assembly goes.

  5. We have been looking at this one too (with the Canadian price). It does not come shingled so that is an extra expense that needs to be considered. Some other sheds come with full roofing materials. The styling is definitely compatible with all our mid-century housing: modest, modern, and traditional.

  6. maria says:

    If it’s any consolation, 1K US = 1284.59 CAD at today’s rate, so while it’s still 167.68 more in US dollars, it’s not $500 more. :-/

    It’s really cute, but in reading the reviews seems it doesn’t come complete, you still need to add your own foundation and roofing.

    1. Brooke says:

      True, it’s not that far off. I don’t get the initial price though 1399 US vs 2200 CAN. Even at a 30% exchange rate that should only be 1800 CAN

      Costco and Home Depot used to carry this shed but it seems to have disappeared. I thought it would look fairly decent in an MCM backyard. http://images.costco-static.ca/image/media/350-407494-894__1.jpg

      It does seem like a lot of sheds don’t come fully complete. For the life of my I really don’t understand why most of them are so expensive! Eventually I’ll pick up a nice one.

  7. Brooke says:

    I wish I could get that shed for $1K! Our Costco has them on sale for $1499.99 Canadian… le sigh

    Online Price $2,199.99
    Less -$700.00
    Your Price $1,499.99

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