melamine boomerang platesTo be able to run the blog full-time — including paying Kate — I mostly make money from the ads. Another relatively small source of income is monthly earnings from Amazon. When I write about and link to products you can find there (which I always try to remember to disclose by calling out the link as an affiliate link), and readers click through and buy, I get a little spiff. Once you’re in via my link, I also get a spiff if you buy other stuff. At the end of the month, I can look through the reports on items sold — and sometimes I see other cool items you’ve discovered. Like: These melamine dinner plates with boomerang-laminate-style designs (affiliate link). They are just under 9″ square. Pretty cool — I might get two sets for picnicking at Tanglewood in the summer!

  1. Kim says:

    Our “in progress” MCM screened porch has a bar with a grey boomerang countertop. The grey plate is a perfect match!

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