Cathrineholm style melamine and stoneware dishes by Dansk at Bed Bath and Beyond

Cathrineholm style dishes

How’s this for some happy-hued plates, bowls, mugs and trays? Reader Susan commented on our recent story about boomerang laminate style melamine plates to give us this hot tip: Bed Bath and Beyond has a collection of Dansk dish ware called ‘The Burbs’ that looks pretty darn close to vintage Cathrineholm dish patterns. The dishes are available in melamine and stoneware — and wow — this stuff looks amazing. Plus, it is very reasonably priced so you can grab a whole set for less than you’d pay for a vintage original. 

Susan commented:

Hi everyone, I just want to let all you mid century fans out there know that Bed Bath and Beyond has melamine Cathrineholm look a likes dishes, made by Dansk called The Burb, the collection is online only. The dishes are a super nice way of having some Cathrineholm for a very reasonable price, in fact very cheap. Check them out. I love mine.

Melamine dishes

Cathrine Holm style dishes

There’s a colorful large serving bowl…Cathrine Holm style dishes Cathrine Holm style dishes Cathrine Holm style dishes

A red, lime green and bright yellow plate and bowl set…Cathrine Holm style dishes

Coordinating small bowls…Cathrine Holm style dishes

Coordinating small plates…Cathrine Holm style dishes

And three sizes of trays.

Stoneware dishesCathrine Holm style dishes

In contrast to the warm colors of the melamine collection, the stoneware dish collection is decorated in blues, grays and green. You can get a three piece set with plate, bowl and mug…
Cathrine Holm style dishes

A 16 piece dinnerware set in starbursty blue and green…
Cathrine Holm style dishes

Coffee mugs in four fun designs…Cathrine Holm style dishes

Cathrine Holm style dishes

And coordinating extra plates and bowls, too!

Now the only question is, which pieces are your favorite?

Mega thanks to reader Susan for the tip!

  1. Laura says:

    I totally agree. I have melamine plates that my kids use and over time, I think being put in the microwave and/or the dishwasher does something to them and they will shatter under weird circumstances. That said, they’re cheap enough that it’s easy to replace them.
    Also, I love the pattern of that blue/white/green stoneware set, but I loathe stoneware. I can’t stand the sound it makes when you use utensils on it! (strange, I know)

  2. pam kueber says:

    Hi Laura, are they food safe after they are microwaved? That would me my concern…. best to ask the manufacturer.

  3. Wyn says:

    Some shockingly poor copies on ebay this weekend – hand painted! Seller in Turkey, claims to be a collector…

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