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As I continued ‘shopping’ major retailers to see what kind of midcentury inspired pieces they have to offer, my next stop was Ikea. Now, Ikea always seems to have sleek, modern furniture and goods that blend well with any decor style, but I was especially pleased to see several pieces that looked like they were plucked right out of the 60s. 

midcentury style decor

1. Strandmon Wing Chair

This comfy looking wing chair reminds me of something grandpa or grandma would have in their midcentury living room. The chair comes in five colors — including this olive green and a bright golden yellow — and has the characteristic medium wood toned, tapered legs found on many a midcentury chair. At $279, this chair won’t break the bank, plus it comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

Update: Thanks to reader Jeff, who kindly pointed out:

According to the IKEA catalog, the Strandmon wing chair actually is a design that they originally sold in 1951, which makes it authentic mid-century. And another authentic mid-century item is the three-legged, leaf shaped Lovbacken side table, which was the first flat-pack furniture item that IKEA sold back in 1956 and reintroduced in 2013.

midcentury style decor

2. Stockholm Coffee Table and coordinating Nesting End Tables

These warm, walnut veneer tables would coordinate well with vintage midcentury furniture and have a pleasing, surfboard shape that is reminiscent of many vintage tables I’ve seen.

midcentury style decor

3. Stockholm TV Unit

It can be very difficult to find a TV stand that coordinates well with your vintage furniture, has space for all your gadgets and holes pre-made to let the cords out the back. The Stockholm TV unit fits the bill quite well, and also has some great fold in doors that hide your cable box when not in use.

midcentury style decor

4. Harliga Glass Dome with Base

If you have a collection of small vintage goodies that you despise dusting, here’s a good display option for you. This glass dome comes in two different sizes and is a great way to display everything from midcentury bottlebrush Christmas trees to vintage ceramic pieces. You could even fill it completely with vintage buttons or other small trinkets.

midcentury style decor

5. Stockholm Candlestick holder

This chrome, botanical inspired candlestick holder would easily dress up a fireplace mantel, coffee table or even act as the centerpiece for your next family meal.

midcentury style decor

6. Overens Dinnerware

I absolutely love the simple leaf pattern on these Overens plates and bowls. The pale green, black and white color combination is also classic and would look fantastic on your midcentury dining table.

midcentury style decor

7. Blomster Candle Holders

This set of three candle holders is made of mouth blown, white glass. The tulip base on these candleholders reminds me so much of the Saarinen tulip chairs and tables that were so popular in midcentury America — and are super hot again today.

midcentury style decor

8. Saltrod Mirror with Shelf and Hooks

This fun mirror/storage combination comes in white or bright yellow. I could see this fitting right into a bedroom full of Broyhill Premier Chapter One furniture or another pop-inspired space.

midcentury style decor

9. Lixhult Storage Cabinets

These Lixhult storage cabinets come in several different sizes, shapes and colors. Combining them together (as shown above) creates a fun, Mondrian inspired storage center that becomes an art piece itself.

midcentury style decor

10. Flisat Doll House/Wall Shelf

Who doesn’t love a good doll house? This affordable ($29.99) doll house shelf can be painted or stained any color you desire — either for your kiddos or for you to practice your decorating stills or display vintage doll furniture and other small goodies. No vintage dollhouse furniture? Ikea has you covered with these Huset doll furniture living room and bedroom furniture sets.

  1. Tikimama says:

    I bought the Huset dollhouse living room set a few years ago and was sad there was no house to put them in. And now they’ve got a bedroom set too! Looks like a trip to Ikea is in order!

  2. Karin says:

    Fab post! I LOVE all of these MCM Ikea products. May I suggest you add one more awesome MCM Ikea product to this list. It’s the LOVBACKEN side table. I just bought one of these three legged beauties and I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Lovbacken. It took me all of three minutes to assemble it.

  3. Kristin says:

    I LOVE my strandmon chair. It’s the most sought-after seat in the house by humans and felines alike. I hemmed and hawed about what color to get and ultimately went with the nordvalla dark gray, which is actually quite light compared to the pictures. I’ve had mine a year and a half now and aside from a little bit of pilling on the foot stool (which sees heavy use) it’s in great shape. That includes the odd cat clawing and even one getting sick on it. The cushion cleaned up really well with my small shampooer. I do wish the fabric was on both sides of the cushion, though, in case it requires flipping one day.

    It is just the perfect angle to sit back and relax in. I have wide hips and have plenty of room. The wings make great head rests and I’ve fallen asleep in it before. You can also kick your legs over the side and the curve is nice and comfy.

    I think I should have gone with the green, in retrospect, because it’s a beautiful color and has the wood legs (all other colors are black plastic). When the one in my living room has been loved too much I’d like to replace it with the green, but that would require repainting the room, which is chartreuse.

  4. Rebecca says:

    I bought two Strandmons shortly after they were reintroduced to IKEA. I got them in the blue velvet fabric they unfortunately seem to have pulled from the catalogue.

    They are wonderful chairs, easy to curl up in. When I first had my daughter I practically LIVED in my Strandmon chair. Guests always comment on how comfortable they are and are usually shocked when I tell them that I bought the chairs from IKEA. I’ve had them about two years now and they get used every day, have held up quite well. I’d say it’s definitely your best option if you’re not willing to splurge on an original or high-end reproduction mid-century chair.

  5. Jeff says:

    According to the IKEA catalog, the Strandmon wing chair actually is a design that they originally sold in 1951, which makes it authentic mid-century. And another authentic mid-century item is the three-legged, leaf shaped Lovbacken side table, which was the first flat-pack furniture item that IKEA sold back in 1956 and reintroduced in 2013.

      1. Karen says:

        Kate, yours are much more clever and much more clever than I was expecting. Very unique and in keeping with the home style!

  6. lynda says:

    Great finds. Right now they have a coupon for $20 off $150 through Sept. 5th in US. Ikea is always a fun destination, even if it does wear you out walking though the store. Always check “As Is” dept. too. Lots of DIY parts for the creative type.

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