10 midcentury style finds (for the kids!) from The Land of Nod

midcentury finds for kidsIn my recent review of what’s mod-new at some of the major retailers, I didn’t forget to check the kids’ section. So I headed over to The Land of Nod (owned by the same folks that do Crate and Barrel and CB2) to see what I could find. And hey, even if you don’t have a child to buy for, the kiddie section tends to have more vibrant options — so if colorful decor is your thing, why not use these finds anywhere in the house? 

midcentury style kids

1. Pokey Little Puppy Pillows, Bedding and more

Who doesn’t love the Pokey Little Puppy? It is a classic children’s book that has been a favorite for decades, and now you can decorate with bedding and pillows printed with the book’s classic illustrations. Oh, and if you are a fan of the Shy Little Kitten, Saggy Baggy Elephant, or Tawny Scrawny Lion instead, The Land of Nod has a whole collection of goodies based on Classic Little Golden Books.

midcentury style kids furniture

2. Simple Scallop Wall Shelf

This adorable, scalloped wall shelf comes in three colors — white, gold and pink — and would be a lovely platform to showcase a collection of vintage goodies in a kid’s room — or some vintage salt and pepper shakers in the kitchen or vintage head vases in a bathroom. These are powder-coated iron — 16″ wide, 6″ deep — and can hold up to 25 lbs. Very versatile, these!

midcentury style kids

3. Charley Harper Books

We’ve written about Charley Harper extensively here on Retro Renovation — and The Land of Nod has several new children’s books showcasing his art with subjects including colors, the alphabet, counting, coloring, stickers and ‘Birds and Words.’

midcentury style kids

4. Charley Harper Stuffed Animals

This series of four stuffed animals based on Charley Harper illustrations are just so cute! Choose from a pair of Koalas, a Snake, an Armadillo and his well-known red Cardinal.

midcentury style kids

5. Chromatic Bamboo Wall Clock

This colorful clock has a starburst shape that makes it feel midcentury. The inset colors for each number are playful and fun, and this clock can be used as a learning tool to teach children numbers, colors and how to tell time. Sounds like a win-win to me! midcentury style kids

6. Floral Sun Throw Pillow

The Land of Nod has a great variety of cute throw pillows right now, and this sunny, round, colorful pillow reminds me of something that would have been found in a girl’s room in the 60s flower power days.

midcentury style kids

7. Sunbeam Night Light

It would be impossible to frown if this happy little sun night light were smiling at you! The cute, simplistic style of this light reminds me of something Alexander Girard might have designed.

midcentury style kids

8. Wild Excursion Lion Bedding and Pillow

The simple, bright orange, lion designs on this bedding remind me of some crazy colorful funky chicken sheets designed by Scuda that I had as a kid — originally my mom’s from the 1960s. I loved those sheets, and in fact, still have them today, there’s just something about a brightly colored animal on bedding that always makes me smile.

midcentury style kids

9. Satellite Pendant

Aww look, its a mini sputnik style light for the kiddos! How could I resist?

midcentury style kids furniture

10. Acapulco Junior Play Chair

I already expressed my love for the adult-sized version of this chair, available via CB2, but the kid-sized version — so cute!

  1. PennyinCo says:

    What do you canny contributors out there think about the other mini Sputnik light on Land of Nod – the Up and Atom Chandelier 12″Wx12″Dx12″H with 12 lights? Would that work over a kitchen dining area?
    I think the other full-size Sputnik light mentioned on this site some months back hangs, alas, far too low.

    1. Tikimama says:

      In the description details for that chandelier, it says it can be a hardwired pendant or “portable” pendant (which I call “swag”). Seems like it should work.

  2. Lisa Reedy says:

    OMG! I watched a Tiny House hunters episode and they had a mini sputnick lamp and I have been craving this! I have searched high and low and couldn’t find it.. and low and behold!!!!! THANK you!!!!!

  3. Debbie in Portland says:

    I didn’t even get all the way through this post before I whipped out my VISA card and ordered the Shy Little Kitten sheet and Poky Little Puppy pillowcases. Merry Really Early Christmas to ME.

  4. Jennie says:

    Ack!!! This stuff *almost* makes me want to have a kid, if only to decorate their room for them. For now though, my nephew is getting SPOILED!

    That mini Sputnik light could work in any small space though. Can you imagine it in a bathroom? Swoon!

  5. Carol says:

    “Pokey Little Puppy”! Who am I kidding, I want that bedding for me! I read a quote once stating that “no one was ever licked to death by puppies”. (smiley face imoge thingy)

      1. Retroski says:

        Agreed triple. I almost want the Charlie Harper bird rug for me. I’m really drawn to all the bold shapes and bright colors.

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