B&W Tile has a new website — we now can see all the authentic vintage pastel colors!

bandwtileI say this with immense love, not to be snarky: B&W Tile has entered the 21st Century! With their new website, I mean. Happily, B&W’s tile still delivers just what we want from the past: the most extensive selection, that I know of, of 4″ x 4″ pastel-colored kitchen and bathroom tiles suitable for recreating a 1930s, 1940s, 1950s or 1960s bathroom. Above: Just a smattering of the colors available. Real color colors — what the world needs now is more real color colors!

Included in the good news: You can now get a look at all their colors online. Of course, you are still going to want to get samples, because computer monitors can distort images.

vintage green and pink bathroomWe’ve had quite a few readers use B&W Tile to create all-new retro-colored-tile bathrooms. Like: Jane, above, winner of our The Hard Way Award – Bathrooms last year. See her bathroom using B&W Tile here.

Link to get the B&W website –>> B&W Tile.

Still not what you need? See our story –> 18 places to find 4″ x 4″ ceramic bathroom tile in vintage colors

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  1. Carolyn says:

    I used B&W Tile to create my 1940’s style kitchen! Their tile is beautifully made and the colors are perfectly matched for authentic mid-century remodeling.
    It is exciting to learn they have new colors! Makes me want to build a new bathroom. Hmmmmmm…

  2. casey says:

    On the home page of their new site, there’s some photos near the bottom. I recognize Janice’s pink bathroom and a few others I know I’ve seen here.

  3. Sarah Nunley says:

    Hi- I have a wonderful mint green 1958 tile bathroom that has been painted white with Epoxy paint along with the contrasting pink tub and sinks. I want to restore my pink and green bathroom and remove the epoxy paint from the tile, sinks and tub, but I can’t find any info on REMOVING epoxy paint online. I took a variety of strippers to a single tile and found one that will strip it after 3 iterations and then still a fine grit sand paper is needed to remove the last bits. This will be extremely difficult to do to the whole bathroom. Do you have any suggestions? Is there an easier/better way?

  4. pam kueber says:

    Hi Sarah, This is not a DIY or fixit site per se, and I am not an expert on any of the things you discuss — I recommend you talk to experts. Be aware I did a big story last year about lead hazards in old tubs, sinks and ceramic tiles – get with your own properly licensed professionals to assess what you are working with so you can make informed decisions how to handle – story is here: https://retrorenovation.com/2016/05/02/understanding-potential-lead-hazards-old-porcelain-enamel-bathtubs-sinks-ceramic-tile-any-age/#ixzz47UvHcM00

  5. Kimberly says:

    Updating an original bathroom with medium green tiles and black trim. What would be a good white to put on the walls? The guy at the paint store has led me the wrong way twice and I’m getting frustrated. Any help would be amazing.

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